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Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss novel Chapter 702

: Changes in the Seed (3)

"Miss, what did you say to him earlier on?"

After walking out of the run-down yard, Qingyan turned towards Yun Luofeng and asked curiously.

Yun Luofeng smiled, "Words that would make him despair!"

Actually, even if Yun Luofeng did not say those words, Gao Ling had long been in despair as he was only dragging out an ignoble existence!

To him, death was the only way to relieve himself!

Looking at his scrawny body with scars all over, she could see that he had truly suffered great torment during this period of time! Perhaps, he had also considered committing suicide but ultimately did not dare to do so.

"Qingyan." Yun Luofeng's footsteps slightly paused and she spoke over her shoulder to Qingyan. "Today, I will be leaving here together with Yun Xiao for the other continent. You will all be in charge of protecting the Yun Family and preventing them from being harmed in the slightest!"

"Miss" Qingyan's heart trembled and she lowered her head, "You just came back not long ago and you're about to leave again?"

Yun Luofeng became silent for a long time before speaking. "This time, I'm leaving to find an extremely important person! If the Yun Family were to meet any troubles, you can head forth to the Medical Pavilion or Ning Family to ask for help. However, right now in the Longxiao Continent, perhaps people who dare to touch Yun Family no longer exist.

Not only did the Yun Family have Elder Ning, they also had Tian Ya to support their backs! In this entire Continent, who would dare to harm them?" This was also the reason why she dared to leave for another continent.

"Miss, you can rest assured. I will definitely guard the Yun Family and wait for your return." Qingyan's expression was resolute as she made a solemn vow to safeguard the Yun Family.

Yun Luofeng paused for a moment and spoke. "This time, I will be secretly leaving together with Yun Xiao. In addition, I have hidden a large quantity of spirit wine in the basement, and you can retrieve two flasks for my grandfather every day."


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