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Heaven Domain (Iwan Cliff) novel Chapter 48

Chapter 48 I'll Take You For Revenge

At 8:30 AM the next morning, When Jayna was about to go to work, Luis asked her not to go through the phone call and directly go to the old mansion of the Brown family. Jayna nodded and accepted.

"What's wrong? Don't you go to work today?" Iwan asked Jayna, smiling, with Emily in his arms.

Jayna nodded and said, "Well, my dad just called me and said that my cousin Brady came back last night. It seems that he also got a big promotion. Therefore, people of the Brown family take a holiday today. My grandfather, eldest uncle, and second uncle will welcome Brady at home. Iwan, my father didn't ask you to go there. I'm sorry, but I guarantee that my grandfather has begun to accept you. It won't take long before the Brown family accepts you."

Iwan didn't care whether the Brown family accepted him or not. The Brown family even didn't have the right to talk to him if it were not for that he didn't want Jayna to be sad. He didn't bother to meet those snobs, so he nodded and said, "Well, it's okay, Jayna. I didn't want to go originally, so you just go there. I'll escort you downstairs."

Iwan escorted Jayna downstairs with Emily in his arms. Iwan said to Emily, "Emily, mom has been working very hard lately, so let's cheer her on, OK?"

Emily said in a child's tone, her beautiful big eyes blinking, waving a small fist to Jayna, "Come on! Mommy, you are the best, and you are the most beautiful! Hee hee, Emily and daddy will wait for you at home."

Looking at such an understanding and cute daughter, Jayna couldn't help but kiss Emily on her cheek. Then, she saw that Iwan was looking at her with extreme expectancy, so she blushed.

"The mommy can't be biased," Iwan said to Jayna with a smile.

Jayna's face became even redder. She bit her lips and lowered her head without speaking. Iwan was about to say that it was a joke when he saw Jayna's reaction, but Jayna suddenly tiptoed and kissed Iwan's face quickly. Before Iwan reacted to her kiss, she hurriedly jumped into the car and drove away at a fast speed.

Iwan froze at the same place. In fact, he really just made a joke with Jayna, but he didn't expect Jayna really took the initiative to kiss him. Although Jayna kissed him softly, like a little peck, he still felt a strong sense of happiness and joy.

"Wow, it's so shy! Emily can't look at this! I should hurry up and cover my eyes!" Emily hurriedly and deliberately covered her eyes with two small white hands, but she still peeked at Iwan's face between her finger.

"Jayna, what you did will make me more and more unwilling to let you work..." Iwan couldn't help but touched the place just kissed by Jayna.

Perhaps, this was the feeling of happiness and sweetness.


Jayna also drove away with a great heartbeat, let alone Iwan. She felt hot on her face. She took the initiative to kiss Iwan! The more she thought, the shier she was. Her heartbeat became greater and greater, so she buried her head on the steering wheel. She didn't notice that the light had green until the car behind her horned to urge her, and she was scared that she hurriedly drove away.

At ten o'clock in the morning, Jayna drove to the ancestral house of the Brown family. At the time of her arrival, Luis and Skyler had already arrived. Except for them, so many people came here today, including business partners, relatives, and friends of the Brown family. William announced to the public that Brady was promoted to the Eagleshine this morning, and he made a banquet for all the guests. Even some of the reporters in Pasoland City came here. After all, this was a big thing, and the Brown family was also happy to see those reporters.

Krista, dressed in a long white dress, happily greeted the guests at the gate of the ancestral house. William, Warren, Luis, and others also changed into brand new suits and talked and laughed in the crowd. All of them looked very happy, and those direct descendants of the Brown family were even happier.

"Huh, he is just an officer in the Military Headquarters. They are too exaggerated." Skyler whispered with displeasure. Krista didn't pay any attention to all four of them, including Jacey.

"Well, Skyler, please don't talk about that. They will hear you. Since nobody greets us, then let's go inside." Luis touched Skyler with his elbow, saying. Then, Skyler went inside but still whispered, "They are so proud... If it were not for that our Iwan was expelled by the Military Headquarters..."

"Mom! Stop saying it!" Jacey said to Skyler, biting her lips. Then she carefully looked at her sister Jayna. There was some loss in Jayna's eyes, but then she looked up and smiled at everyone. Skyler also changed her face and hurriedly said to Jayna, "Jayna, I didn't mean that. I just said it casually, so you don't give it another thought. Iwan is a good man. If he was still in the Military Headquarters, he wouldn't be able to stay with you and Emily. Yes, Iwan is a really good man..."

At eleven o'clock in the morning, all the guests invited by the Brown family settled down in the house courtyard. There were about two or three hundred people, which made the place very lively. After all, the Brown family had a big figure now, so people around them would follow the flunkyism. In addition, the direct descendants of the Brown family were also extremely proud today because they had a big person in their family!

At the banquet, Brady, dressed in a black military uniform, sat upright on the main seat. His eyes were like a sharp knife, and he exuded an unparalleled power with the feel of sternness surrounding his body. William, Warren, and Wilson accompanied him to sit at the main table. As for the four people in Jayna's family, they were arranged in the back. The seats at the main table were naturally not for them.

William was nearly seventy years old, and his hair was grey. However, today he was cheerful and florid, raising his glass to all the guests and saying, "Welcome to the Brown family's banquet. Thank you!"

When William finished his words, the guests below all smiled and raised their glasses to have a toast. After drinking with Brady, William, Warren, and Wilson went from table to table to drink with the guests. However, Brady didn't leave his seat. Halfway through the banquet, Brady coughed at William and made eye contact with him.

William understood and nodded. There was a trace of complexity flashing in his eyes, but it soon disappeared. Then he stood on the step and hushed the guest with both hands. When the whole room was quiet, William smiled and said to the hundreds of guests, "Today the Brown family will announce to everyone a happy event. In recent years, the business of the Brown family has been booming, which isn't because of me, just an old man, but because of the younger generation. Therefore, today all my friends are here, so then I will announce a decision. The Brown family decided to elect a company vice president to assist me in the overall management of the company. I hope that everyone can support it."

After William finished, all the guests applauded. Some people even said anxiously, "Mr. Brown, please don't keep us guessing! Please tell us. We are waiting to see the outcome! Hahaha..." Those guests below also understood that there were only four people in the three generations of the Brown family today. Brady, Krista, Jayna, and Jacey. Of course, Brady, who was in the Military Headquarters, and Jacey, who didn't yet officially joined the work, were naturally excluded. Then the candidates would be Krista and Jayna, who were both extremely beautiful women. Now all the guests wondered more about who William would promote. The second generation of the Brown family wasn't powerful, so there was a great possibility that today's vice president would be the boss of the Brown family's company in the future.

At this moment, after listening to William's words, Jayna's family was also very excited. Luis smiled with satisfaction as he looked at his daughter Jayna, and so did Skyler, who was proud of Jayna. In addition, Jacey was also very excited.

However, at the next moment, their expressions all froze on their faces. William smiled and announced on the stage, "The vice president of the Brown family is Krista Brown! Congratulations, everyone!"

Krista smiled and got up from Brady's side, smiling and bowing to the crowd of guests. She said, "In the future, please support my work! I will definitely work harder and work with everyone to gain the mutual benefit!"

Boom...At this moment, the four people in Jayna's family felt that lightning stoke their hearts. Jayna was extremely lost in her heart, clenching her fists tightly.

Skyler's face changed dramatically, and she couldn't help but got up and shouted at William, "Dad! What do you mean? Didn't you say yesterday that Jayna was the vice president of the company? Then how come Krista is the vice president now?"

Luis also got up in anger and said, "Dad! You've gone too far! The projects with the Cleveland Group and the Mellon Group were won by Jayna! Dad, I want you to give me an explanation!"

Boom...As Skyler and Luis got up, all the guests were all stunned. Some of those who knew about the things of the Brown family picked up their teacups and prepared to watch a good show. Many other guests, who asked Jayna to cooperate with them a few days ago, also deeply frowned, with deep doubt in their hearts.

At this moment, facing Skyler and Luis's questioning, William felt a bit embarrassed. However, then he still hurriedly said to them, "Skyler, Luis, this is a bit complicated. I'll tell you after the banquet!"

"Oh, explain later? William, you have to give me an explanation right now! You made the rules. Why do you go back on your word? My daughter worked hard to get the projects, and now you want to give them all to Krista? How can you do that? On what grounds?" Skyler was completely furious. When she came here today, she felt unpleasant, and now she was even angrier.

William's face instantly turned gloomy. No matter what, he was also the head of the Brown family and an old man! Now he felt humiliated when Skyler questioned him in front of so many guests.

At this moment, Brady's father, Warren, suddenly shouted at Skyler, "Skyler! You shut up! Do you have the right to speak here? How can you talk to Dad? Sit down!"

Hearing his words, Skyler didn't take it seriously and wanted to continue questioning. However, she was stopped by Luis who was beside her. Luis gave Warren a deep look and said, "Brother, I will discipline my wife. It's not your turn!"

Luis finished his words and asked, staring at William firmly "Father, if Skyler doesn't have the right to ask you, then I'll ask you again. Can you give me an explanation right now? Why did you bully my daughter in this way?"

"Then I'll give an explanation to Uncle Luis, okay?" Before William spoke, Brady who hadn't spoken for a long time said to Lusi. As he was saying, the strong feeling of sternness directly rushed to Lusi, pressing against him hard. Luis' face turned pale suddenly, and he couldn't say anything. Skyler was also slightly pale, with fear suddenly rising in her heart.

Brady sat in his seat and continued to Luis, "I made the decision. If you are dissatisfied, Uncle Lusi, you can come to me after the banquet."

Luis was pale, staring firmly at Brady, who was the Eagleshine now. He only felt extremely stifling in his heart, and he slowly nodded, saying, "Good. Such a good Eagleshine. Such a good Brown family! Since you..."

"Dad, stop that. Forget it. It's okay. I don't want it...Dad, stop! Please stop!" Jayna hurriedly stood up and pulled Luis's arm, persuading him with slightly red eyes.

At this time Krista walked to Jayna. She looked at Jayna with a victorious posture and said, "Oh, Jayna, you still lost. I will suppress you forever in our family!"

Jayna pulled Luis and Skyler to sit down. She looked up with red eyes, looking at Krista and saying, "OK, you win. Since you want this vice president so badly, then I'll give it to you. I'll resign! I, Jayna Brown, will resign!"

While saying, Jayna pulled Luis and Skyler to go outside. At this moment she finally realized that the Brown family didn't welcome her at all, so why did she still stay here? Luis, Skyler, and Jacey also didn't want to stay here anymore, so they got up and wanted to go together with Jayna.

However, Krista didn't let her go. She blocked in front of Jayna, saying, "Huh, do you come and go as you please? Huh? I've called Carmelo Girt from the Cleveland Group and Andy Gray, the vice president of the Mellon Group to come here. If you want to leave the company, you should talk to them clearly. If you don't, I won't let you go!"

Jayna gritted her teeth firmly, looking at Krista with red eyes and saying, "Krista, no way! Talk to them by yourself if you can! You don't have any ability except the calculation. Other people don't know how you got this vice president, but you know it! I was supposed to be the vice president, but you stole the position with your dirty tricks!"

"You...Jayna, you don't have any right to accuse me. It's grandpa..."

"Pa!" When Krista was trying to defend herself, she suddenly heard a sound of a loud slap. Then she was shocked to see that Brady walked toward Jayna and slapped directly on her face.

Brady stared at Jayna with a gloomy face and said, "Do you know how to respect others? Krista is your sister. You shouldn't call her name directly. Did you greet me, your big brother, since you entered the door? Huh? You should feel disgraced! If you hadn't been pregnant five years ago with your dirty man, our Brown family wouldn't have been the joke of the whole Pasoland City! Do you still have the right to compete with Krista for the vice president? Huh?"

"Ahhhhhh, Brady, you had the brass to hit my daughter! I'll kill you..." Seeing Jayna being hit by Brady, Skyler immediately became annoyed and tried to scratch Brady with her hands.

"Go away!" Brady exuded a sense of sternness, turning his head and shouting at Skyler. Skyler was instantly suppressed, stumbling backward and then falling to the ground. Luis was suppressed by Brady, being dumbstruck for a while.

Jayna cried after being slapped by Brady, and the next moment she turned around and stared at Brady, saying, "Okay, I have disgraced the Brown family. It is my fault. Then I, Jayna Brown, will withdraw from the Brown family from now on! All the media are here to witness it today. From now on, I will have nothing to do with the Brown family!"

After finishing her words, Jayna was about to walk out, but Krista called her again behind her, "The contracts with the Cleveland Group and the Mellon Group!"

Hearing Krista's words, Jayna felt more grieved and was trembling tempestuously. She said, gritting her teeth, "Okay! I'll give them to you! Later I will personally change the contract for you!" After Jayna finished her words, she left the place quickly. Jacey, whose face was pale, hurriedly followed her, with Luis and Skyler following. The most important thing was that they had to comfort Jayna, but not the other things.

When they walked to the door, a burst of laughter with the toast came from the courtyard. At that time, they just felt dreary in their hearts.


At noon, Iwan was having lunch with Emily outside. He somehow felt some inexplicable discomfort in his heart, and he even couldn't eat. His intuition was always accurate. When he took out his phone and was about to call Warrior No.1 to ask what happened, Warrior No.1 called him, "Boss, there is something wrong. Those business partners, who were arranged for your wife by Eden Addison just a few days ago, told Eden that William gave the position of vice president of the Brown family's company to Krista, but not your wife."


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