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Heaven Domain (Iwan Cliff) novel Chapter 50

Chapter 50 All Ready For the Heroine of Pasoland City

The day before the wedding, Pasoland City was baked in sunshine with blue sky and white clouds, which was totally unlike yesterday with frequent showers, even at 3 or 4 a.m.

At eight o'clock in the morning, when people in Pasoland City got up and came out, they were amazed by the scenery outside. It was like the bad weather never occurred. There were red and white rose petals everywhere. At that moment, the whole city was filled with the fragrance of roses, making everyone completely relaxed and happy.

On the clear river close to the city, Pasoland, there were also rose petals flowing and exquisite cruise ships wandering, many beautiful hot air balloons were rosing up in the sky, and the streets were also covered with roses overnight. Cute girls or boys were all dressed up and standing on both sides of the streets as volunteers. They were waiting for the arrival of the couples from 100 cities in the Central Region.

From this day on, almost 80% of the companies and all schools in Pasoland City would have three days off, all hotels and restaurants would offer a 10% discount, or free of charge within a certain amount... All these benefits had made everyone in the city excited.

At 8:30 a.m., the happy couples began to enter Pasoland City. The grooms were in black suit, and the brides were wearing stunning wedding dress, and each couple held hands and stepped into the city from the city gate.

At that moment, the whole city was a complete sensation. People might not pay much attention to a new couple walking on the street, but there were 1,314 couples of newlyweds getting married together! The length of the queue alone was up to three kilometers, including thousands of bridesmaids and best men behind them. What's more, the newlyweds who had the opportunity to participate in the grand wedding ceremony were screened, and they all looked good.

There were countless beauties in the Central Region of Dragon Kingdom, so all these brides were stunning, and some of them were the beauty queen at school. These pretty ladies alone were the great delights.

The ground from the main gate of Pasoland City to the central axis of the city, Central Avenue, was covered with rose petals. The streets were full of roses in full bloom transplanted from last night. Rose petals were falling from up high. On both sides of the road, lots of media reporters were taking photos and broadcasting crazy, and some of the largest media groups even used helicopters for the event.

The decoration of the whole city made the newlyweds so excited. Many of them came to Pasoland City for the first time, and they were amazed by such a romantic city before entering.

At that moment, the couples walking on Central Avenue would never forget this day in their life, and would always remember this incredibly romantic and magnificent wedding.

Millions of people in Pasoland City were also in great shock. They simply couldn't imagine what kind of person could prepare such a grand wedding for his beloved wife, and decorate the whole city into a huge wedding scene.

While the newlyweds felt lucky to attend the grand wedding, they were also thankful for the host who invited them, reimbursed all expenses, and provided countless gifts, so they all sincerely wished the bride who would show up the next day happiness.

No one knew who the bride would be, but one thing for sure was that she was from Pasoland City, which made every citizen felt very proud, because the bride of this big wedding was one of them!

At that moment, all the brides and the women in Pasoland City were full of blessings and envied the heroine tomorrow.

Later, the Cleveland Group and Mellon Group finally revealed some information of the groom. He was a soldier! A warrior on the battlefield!

Boom... When the identity of the groom was revealed, everyone was shocked again. A mysterious groom that was both powerful and romantic, making everyone imagine an incredible romantic love story.

"He must love her so much... Otherwise, he would not have returned from the battlefield and gives her such a grand wedding..." Many emotional brides already cried.

"Please be happy, the mistress of our city!" Countless people in Pasoland City felt proud and made the best wishes to the mysterious bride.


At the same time in the villa of the Mond family in Southpool City, Scarlett Mond was still lying in bed in her pajamas, and watched the live broadcast on her mobile phone. Seeing the city full of roses and more than 1,000 couples showing up, she was also very envious and wanted to call her best friend, Jayna Brown.

But Scarlett didn't do it. After all, Jayna didn't have the chance to attend the wedding because she already had a child. Thinking of this, Scarlett hated to hurt her friend more, so she didn't make the call.

Later, her father Lucas Mond suddenly called and said he would be home in half an hour, and asked her to dress up and take a trip with him. Before she asked, he already hung up the phone, so she had to turned off the screen. When she just finished dressing up, Lucas Mond came back home and had several exquisite boxes of clothes and shoe boxes with him.

"Dad, where are we going? And why did you buy me clothes?" Scarlett Mond was confused and asked.

Lucas Mond gave his daughter a smile and said, "I will tell you later. Scarlett, do you know the big wedding in Pasoland City tomorrow?"

Scarlett Mond nodded, "I know."

Lucas Mond smiled and said, "Well, do you want to come?"

Scarlett Mond curled her lips and said, "Dad, don't make fun of me. I don't have anyone to propose to me. I don't even have a boyfriend. How can I participate? I mean, even the bridesmaid had been chosen. I have no chance now."

Lucas Mond then put away the smile on his face and became serious, looked deeply at his daughter and said slowly, "Do you really think it's done?"

Scarlett Mond nodded without thinking: "Of course. I just watched it on my phone. Emm...But if you put it that way, the heroin of the wedding and her bridesmaids haven't show up yet. Wait! Dad... What do you mean? Do you want me to be that bridesmaid?"

Lucas Mond smiled lightly and nodded, "Why, what's the problem?"

Scarlett Mond paused for a while and said uneasily, "Dad, don't be ridiculous, OK? Don't tell me that you know her..."

Lucas Mond nodded again, "Yes, I know her, and so do you. And my beautiful daughter will be perfect being her bridesmaid."


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