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Heaven Domain (Iwan Cliff) novel Chapter 57

Chapter 57 I Gave You the Chance Before

As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. At the gate outside the venue, all the direct descendants of the Brown family bowed their heads and kneeled on the ground nervously, including William, Warren, Wilson, Krista, and Brady. So did the people of the Tenney family. Next to them were hundreds of heavily armed soldiers of Military Headquarters watching over them.

Some of the guests were still around the venue. As soon as they saw people from the Brown family, they instantly recalled the scene of them bullying Jayna on the wedding VCR, so they looked at the Brown family with a very unfriendly look. If they hadn't been stopped by the surrounding soldiers, they must go and beat them. But even if there were soldiers, someone still smashed rotten fruit at people of the Brown family.

Krista and Brady, who had slapped Jayna at the Brown family's party the day before, got most attack. They were on their knees with their heads bowed, not daring to move. When William asked the Brown family to come over to make amends to Iwan, Krista was reluctant to come. She felt embarrassed. But actually she didn't dare to do that. Only she knew exactly what she had done to Jayna. She had no scruples about treating her badly because she thought Jayna was silly. But it was not so easy to fool Iwan, the God of War. In other words, Iwan didn't need to do it himself to claim her life. He just needed to give an order......

At this moment, the Brown family and the two of the Tenney family knelt at the door with sheer remorse and fear. However, Iwan, Jayna and others were speaking in the company of the bigwigs in Pasoland City, Dawson, Darcy, Eden, and Josh, the God of War of the Central Region inside. The two scenes were totally different. Iwan's mother-in-law, Skyler, was the most excited. She was now satisfied with her son-in-law, couldn't be more satisfied. She was pulling Jayna behind her and whispering to her.

"My daughter, listen to me. You are married to Iwan. Go and get the marriage certificate this afternoon. From now on, you should be nice to Iwan. You're not good at cooking, so you should learn how to do it. Remember to do the laundry and clean the house. Well, if you don't treat him well in the future and flaunt your status around, then I won't forgive you!" Skyler said very, very seriously to Jayna. Her expression and her tone of voice showed that she was afraid that Jayna would offend Iwan.

Hearing this, Jayna was shocked and looked at Skyler with her mouth wide open and said, "Mum, have you lost your memory? I'm your daughter, okay? How can you say that? I know Iwan is busy, but I have to go to work too. Besides, Mom, you're changing your attitude too quickly, aren't you? Last week you said you would never let me marry Iwan."

Skyler quickly denied in fear, "Did I say that? Who heard me say it? Jayna, don't plant me. I said from the beginning that Iwan would be my son-in-law and he must be the best one! You probably heard me wrong... How could I say that..."

Jayna felt speechless to Skyler's words. But then she shook her head and laughed. It was better that her mother was happy with Iwan, wasn't it... As she was thinking, Skyler, who had preached at her with a black face, had now run over to Iwan and was chatting to him with a wide grin...

"Uh..." Jayna's mouth twitched fiercely. She was surprised by her mom's utilitarianism. Jayna couldn't help but patted her forehead, lowered her head, and didn't dare to look at Darcy and Dawson. There were many outsiders here and any of them were bigwigs in Pasoland City. The only reason they were so respectful was for Iwan's sake. Jayne thought, letting out a long breath.

"Mr. Cliff, I've already booked a meal at the Hilton Hotel. Why don't we go now? It's almost at lunchtime. What do you think?" Dawson said respectfully to Iwan.

Iwan thought for a moment and then said, "Well, OK, let's go and eat together then..."

So the people headed out. Iwan and Jayna were in the middle of the crawd, next to Skyler and Luis. On the periphery were Josh, Dawson, Eden, Lucas, Scarlett and others... Every one of them had a high social status. So, their assembly was an instant hit.

Just as Iwan and Jayna walked out of the venue, hundreds of soldiers of the Central Region outside the doors all saluted Iwan with a military salute. Their eyes were filled with frenzy, because the God of War in front of them had been fighting side by side with them in the External Regions!

"Mr. ... Mr. Cliff, please... please stay ......" William Brown, who was kneeling on the ground, said this just as Iwan and the others were about to get on the wedding car. Iwan didn't want to deal with these snobs. He would leave here in a few days, and later Jayna and Emily would leave too. So it was better to settle things once and for all. So he looked at William and asked with a cold smile, "Oh, Lord of the Brown family, what do you want to say?"

When William looked at Iwan this time, his mind kept turning in an endless loop. He couldn't be more regretful. He himself had nothing to worry about. He was too old, left with few years to live. But the Brown family, which he had built up, had lost a great opportunity and was likely to be destroyed. Because on his way here just now, all the companies that work with the Brown family in Pasoland terminated their contracts and were going to sue them. In other words, the Brown family would lose all their money without Iwan's forgiveness!

Although William knew that Iwan would never forgive them for his character. But he still entertained hopes of a reconciliation and asked Iwan, "My Lord, can you, can you forgive us? If you can, I will immediately hand over the company to Jayna and the headship of the Brown family to Luis. You see, is that okay? Can you forgive us?"

When Iwan heard this, the sneer on his face became even more obvious. He gave William a deep look and said slowly, "William, what do you think? Do you think I will forgive you?"

Iwan sneered disdainfully, and William Shan was heartbroken and squeezed a nod bitterly...

Iwan took a deep breath, continued to look at William, and said, "William, as the head of the family, you are smart enough. You have noticed it from the first time I secretly helped Jayna, didn't you?"

William nodded bitterly again. Yes, he noticed it a long time ago, otherwise he wouldn't have asked Jayna to ask Iwan out that day.

Iwan also nodded and said, "In the restaurant, I gave you the chance, and I gave the Brown family many chances. All the problems of the Brown family have been solved. William, even if I don't help you anymore, with the help of others, it's no difficult task for your family to become the top giant in Pasoland City. Right?"

The regret in William's eyes was stronger. He shook his head more bitterly. Yes, it was surely only a matter of time before the Brown family to flourish since it had obtained the cooperation of Cleveland Group, Mellon Group and other top groups in Pasoland City. As long as the Brown family took time to digest it, it would definitely develop fast? But he missed that chance...

Iwan continued, "William, why are you always dissatisfied? Why, why..." After Iwan finished speaking, he wanted to move on. But Warren, who was kneeling beside William, suddenly begged to Iwan, "Mr. Cliff, Mr. Cliff, please stay here! I apologize for my family, I apologize to you, I apologize to Jayna..."

Krista's father, Wilson, also hurriedly kowtowed to Iwan, "Mr. Cliff, I apologize to you for my daughter, I apologize to Jayna, and please forgive us, Mr. Cliff..."

Stephen and Hamza over there were also begging Iwan for forgiveness and mercy...

Seeing this tragic scene, Jayna turned her head sideways. After all, she was too kind-hearted. Even at this moment, facing these demons, she still felt a hint of pity. So she couldn't help but glance at Iwan with a pleading look in her eyes.

Iwan frowned slightly. Jayna pleaded with these people, which made him feel uncomfortable. With a mighty bang, a sullen air erupted from Iwan's body. He shouted to William, Warren, Wilson, Stephen, and Hamza, "I... did I ask you to apologize to me and kneel here? Huh? Did I ask you to do that?"

After that, Iwan sneered, ignored these people, and took Jayna into the wedding car. Skyler and Luis also sneered, got into another wedding car, and left directly.

If William had known it would come to this, he would have acted differently. When Warren, Stephen, and the others saw that Iwan was gone, they were completely desperate. William seemed to have suffered a lot and be dying. He stood up tremblingly and walked away, saying nothing. In fact, when Brady forced him to let Krista be the vice president of the company, he refused. But his words were useless in the Brown family, which was actually dominated by Brady...

The Brown family was built by him, but since there was no successor, being destroyed was not that unfortunate.


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