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Heaven Domain (Iwan Cliff) novel Chapter 60

Chapter 60: The Chaos In Cleveque City

At this time, more than one thousand kilometers away from Pasoland City, Cleveque City was still brightly lit at ten o'clock at night. It was a city with lights turned on all night!

As the largest city in the Dragon Kingdom, Cleveque City ranked first in economy, and it was one of the advanced economies in the whole world. In Cleveque City, skyscrapers that were tens of or hundreds of meters in height could be seen everywhere. It was a big city with extremely developed science, technology, and economy. There were more than twenty million inhabitants in this real big city. Talents and elites kept moving here. Even the annual GDP of Cleveque City was comparable to the annual fiscal revenue of countless small and medium-sized countries.

Such an advanced economy bordered the East Sea, and ocean trade was extremely developed. Countless planes and ships came to and left this city every day and night. Therefore, as the gate of the Dragon Kingdom, Cleveque City was extremely important to the whole kingdom. Although it was just a city, a God of War stayed here all year round. To ensure the safety of Cleveque City, a God of War led tens of thousands of warriors and protected the economic lifeline of this city all the time...

At this time, at the east of Cleveque City, a private plane suddenly arrived at a very private airport. There were dozens of big shots waiting quietly in the airport. The nine people who stood in the front all looked dominating. They didn't look inferior to Josh, the God of War in the Central Region. They were the elite warriors in the Heaven Domain, Warrior No.2, Warrior No.3, Warrior No.4, Warrior No.5, Warrior No.6, Warrior No.7, Warrior No.8, Warrior No.9, and Warrior No.10! These powerful warriors didn't return to the External Regions with other warriors in the Heaven Domain. Instead, they obeyed Iwan and Warrior No.1's command and came to Cleveque City after the wedding. They collected all the information at the fastest speed. At this time, they were waiting for Warrior No.1 to come!

When Warrior No.1 arrived, they would carry out their plan officially!

The next moment, the private plane in the night sky landed at the airport. The cabin door was opened, and Warrior No.1 came down aggressively. He looked at these elite warriors and nodded slightly.

"How's the investigation going? Have you found out everything about the man who betrayed Mr. Cliff back then?" After getting off the plane, Warrior No.1 asked the warriors in the front.

At this time, Warrior No.7 whose cheek was covered with a white mask stepped forward, handed Warrior No.1 a pile of documents, and said in a deep voice, "Captain, we've found it out. His name is Jason Morgan! Five years ago, Mr. Cliff treated him so well, but he betrayed Mr. Cliff. Then he took over everything Mr. Cliff had in Cleveque City, including Morgan Group which Mr. Cliff established personally six years ago!"

Warrior No.7 paused. His eyes turned cold as he continued to say, "Now Jason is the president of the chamber of commerce in Cleveque City, and he is super powerful. According to our inference in the afternoon, he has half of the power of a God of War, and hundreds of warriors of five-star level are under his command. Moreover, now Morgan Group is the largest listed enterprise in Cleveque City. He has expanded business all over the world, and he has more than one hundred thousand employees around the world. The leaders in Cleveque City attach great importance to Morgan Group..."

After finishing his words, Warrior No.7 frowned slightly and said to Warrior No.1, "Captain, Morgan Group is not just a company. It represents the strength of the whole Cleveque City. Sometimes it even represents the Dragon Kingdom... Captain, if we want to ruin Morgan Group, I'm afraid that the leaders in Cleveque City might stop us. There's a God of War in Cleveque City. His name is Max, and he's very powerful. He has been in charge of Cleveque City for twenty years! Captain, we'd better ask Mr. Cliff for instructions before taking action..."

Warrior No.7 had some concerns in his heart because Morgan Group was too powerful. He couldn't just regard it as a company. There were too many things involved...

Warrior No.1 frowned slightly, nodded, and said, "In fact, we don't need to ask Mr. Cliff! You know his character very well! Don't forget what he said when he took us to destroy the Archfield Organization before he returned to the Dragon Kingdom. He said that no one could stop him in the future! What's more, although he came back in time to save his wife and daughter when they were suffering, do you think he has really let it go? Over the years, the Heaven Domain has done so much for the Dragon Kingdom directly and indirectly. Although some people in the Dragon Kingdom do not know the identities of Emily and Jayna, they have suffered here. Do you really think Mr. Cliff is not angry about these things?"

Warrior No.1 paused and continued to say, "Or do you really think Mr. Cliff didn't intend to start a war when he went to Southpool City? Ha-ha... If I were right, Mr. Cliff would set flames of war in the whole Dragon Kingdom if those people wanted to attack him! Do you really think Mr. Cliff is a saint? Yes, Mr. Cliff is kindhearted and loyal, but he's only kind to his relatives, friends, and brothers. Why should he treat others well? Even if Max wants to go against him, so what? If Max dares to stop us, I'll kill him before Mr. Cliff takes action..."

With a fierce face, Warrior No.1 waved his big hand and said, "Alright, don't think too much about other things. We won't go against the whole Dragon Kingdom. After all, Mr. Cliff has come back. As long as those people are not stupid, they won't give up such a powerful man like Mr. Cliff. As for Max, someone will deal with him on our behalf. We don't need to pay attention to these things. Now I'll report it to Mr. Cliff..."

When Warrior No.1 finished speaking, the other warriors were silent, and they all looked fierce. No matter what, they only recognized Iwan as their leader. No matter how powerful a man was, he couldn't be compared to Iwan! Even if it was a demon in hell, they could kill it for Iwan!

At the moment, Iwan was in the presidential suite in Pasoland City which was more than one thousand kilometers away from Cleveque City. When Warrior No.1 picked up the phone and wanted to report it to Iwan, Iwan gently got up to tuck Jayna in, walked to the balcony lightly, and closed the door. Then he answered the phone.

Hearing Warrior No.1's words, Iwan only said two words coldly, "Do it!" Then he hung up...

Warrior No.1 was at the airport in Cleveque City. After Iwan hung up the phone, he put down his phone and smiled cruelly and weirdly under the gaze of these warriors. Then he said slowly, "Sure enough, Mr. Cliff has never changed. Let's go and meet Triston and Blake. We'll carry out our plan in Cleveque City officially tonight!"

As soon as Warrior No.1 finished his words, he strode forward. Warrior No.7 and other warriors followed him in a hurry. These warriors were aggressive enough to make the whole city tremble in fear, and they headed for the Walken family. Triston, the head of the Walken family, was the one who was released by Iwan in Southpool City, and Iwan promoted him to be half a God of War. After returning to Cleveque City, he took charge of the family again immediately and expanded the family in the shortest time at all costs. At this time, the Walken family had become one of the top ten families in Cleveque City.

Because some people in the top circles knew that Triston had gotten the support from a very powerful man, and Triston reached the level of half a God of War in a short time, and he was about to become a real God of War. In any place, the existence of a God of War could bring luck. If a God of War was in charge of a family, the family would naturally develop so fast.


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