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Heaven Domain (Iwan Cliff) novel Chapter 63

Chapter 63 So What? Why Not?

In the breeze, Jayna was smiling sweetly bathed in the sunshine. The most fascinating sight was a beauty's smile, let alone the smile of such a breathtaking beauty as Jayna.

Iwan stared at the marriage certificate in his hands, greatly emotional. Although such a certificate was readily available for him given his present status, such a moral and legal recognition made him feel secure about their marriage. With this certificate, the two of them would be a legal couple according to Dragon Kingdom's marriage law.

"Iwan, I'll love you till the end of my life," Jayna said with a smile.

"So will I." Iwan looked at Jayna, smiling.

Jayna nodded cheerfully and then went away to play with Emily. She was extremely excited and couldn't wait to share the joy with Emily. After all, if Emily hadn't given Iwan that call half a month ago, Iwan wouldn't have been back to bring so many changes.

Smiling, Iwan was left staring after Jayna fading away before taking out his phone to dial an encrypted number from External Regions. He was calling the information department of Heaven Domain, code-named Master Network. It was mainly responsible for collecting all sorts of information all over the world and had the top ability of network intervention in the world.

"My Lord, what's your order?" A respectful voice came as soon as the phone was answered. It was the head of Master Network, Cheney Alexander who was extremely excited about this call from Iwan at the moment.

Iwan said, "How's your work of dispelling the news about the wedding in Pasoland City?"

Cheney hurriedly replied with respect, "My Lord, we've been working on it all out since you and Lady Brown left the wedding ceremony at noon yesterday. So far, the relative content has been cleared on the whole. Since no photos were allowed at the wedding, the pictures or videos of you and Lady Brown were only spread through some media, which made them easy to be cleared. Up to this morning, those source materials in the hands of Pasoland City's media have been cleared, as well as those pictures and audios spread out of the city's network. So the pictures or videos of you and Lady Brown only exist in Pasoland City. To deal with it, I will set up a team to suppress any relative information within the city by preventing its further spread."

Hearing that, Iwan nodded. He thought for a while before saying, "Thanks for your hard work. The suppression of the information won't last long since I will make no bones about my identity to my wife one day. At that time, everything can be made public."

"Yes, My Lord. When ... when will you return to External Regions? We all miss you very much." Cheney said in a choked voice. Iwan was her hero who she used to love deeply in the depth of her mind. But she knew she wasn't worthy of such a peerless hero as Lord of Heaven Domain when she saw Jayna at the wedding yesterday. That was also when she decided to let go and wish Iwan a happy marriage.

After thinking for a while, Iwan said, "It depends. I won't be back soon, but I'm sure no forces will wage a war against Heaven Domain in a long period since Archfield Organization was just destroyed. Well, that's all. Just go on with your work."

"Alright. My Lord, please take care. Wish you a happy marriage!" When she finished speaking, Iwan grunted before hanging up the phone. Then he fixed his eyes on Jayna with Emily in her arms in the distance and couldn't help being overwhelmed by feelings of happiness as he heard their laughter.

He spent quite a long time deciding to erase all the news about yesterday's wedding. Since they were just newly married, Jayna still had a career to pursue and he had a lot of things to deal with. It wasn't time to make everything public. The good memories which started in this city five years ago should be well preserved here.

But it didn't mean he would suppress the news about the wedding forever. Once he made his identity clear to Jayna, he would make their grand wedding known to the world.

At the same time, people in Pasoland City and those participants in yesterday's wedding were surprised to find all the videos of Iwan and Jayna's wedding weren't available when they searched online for them. All the news about the wedding had been erased. It didn't take people long to recover from the surprise and realize that it might be God of War and his wife who didn't want those videos to spread. Despite their regrets for a moment, people still felt happy for them and wished them a happy marriage.

But Iwan never expected their wedding to evolve into a legend circulating in Pasoland City many years later. It was about a god falling from the sky to marry the most gorgeous princess in this city. This was what happened later.

"It's time to go to Cleveque City to mop up something," Iwan muttered as he watched his wife and daughter play cheerfully. He planned on taking a trip there tomorrow to put an end to his grudge which was long overdue for five years. After that, he would get Jayna and Emily to move there to embark on a brand new and better life.

More than a thousand kilometers away from Pasoland City where it was sunny and liveliness permeated the air, Cleveque City was shrouded in thick smoke. It was for real. Hundreds of factories across the city were either in flames or still wreathed in smoke after the fire had just been put out by firefighters.

Since the whole city was shrouded in a haze of smoke, all the citizens were in a state of panic, cowering at home. The streets resounded with the sirens of firefighting vehicles and Patrol Department's cars, as well as ambulances. Everything changed in this city overnight. The most conspicuous part about this city was Morgan Group's building which was more than three hundred meters high in the city center. At the moment, the tall building was still puffing out clouds of smoke although the fire inside had been put out, which made it look like a huge chimney.

People in Cleveque City were greatly shocked at such a sight. Some of them were smart enough to hasten to open the stock exchange application to sell their shares in Morgan Group and all the relevant companies, only to find a collapse in the group's share prices and continuous limit down.

Besides, according to the overwhelming coverage of Morgan Group online, nearly eighty percent of its factories and subsidiary companies caught fire last night, causing almost all the expensive equipment to be damaged. What made the situation worse was that all the group's freighters for international trade were hijacked abroad by some mysterious forces. Overnight, Morgan Group was faced with an unprecedented disaster.

Such coverage caused continuous slumps in the group's share prices. But that wasn't the end of the disaster since hundreds of officials from Patrol Department of Cleveque City arrived at the group's building to arrest its top executives for their crimes.


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