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Heaven Domain (Iwan Cliff) novel Chapter 65

Chapter 65 The Lord's Arrival at Cleveque City

Max was scared. He was rather scared at this moment. He knew Josh meant it since he not only left his territory for Cleveque City with his sword but also brought tens of thousands of soldiers with him! The sight of those armed helicopters hovering in mid-air outside the window made Max feel dizzy.

"Josh ... Josh Piper, how dare you, how dare you do so? You've brought all the forces for guarding the Central Region to Cleveque City? You, you, you ..." Sweat kept dripping down Max's face.

Josh remained extremely icy and said slowly, "I have nothing to fear. I've brought the Central Region's Military Headquarters to join the military exercises of Cleveque City's Military Headquarters. So what? Do you have a problem with it? Max, don't forget Cleveque City's Military Headquarters were once part of the Central Region's Military Headquarters! Besides, I reserve the right to station my army in Cleveque City. This is what Mr. Addison promised me before!"

Max nodded, but he still couldn't help but ask in disbelief, "The soldiers from the Central Region's Military Headquarters are indeed allowed to train in Cleveque City. But Josh, you're not here for training, are you? Don't make up such a stupid excuse. Do you expect me to believe that you're here only for training after covering almost 1500 kilometers? Or do you expect me to believe that your field military forces need to train in navy and land military forces' territory? Do you think I'm so stupid?"

Josh said in a deep voice, "Whatever you think is up to you. I'm just making you less embarrassed. It'll be okay with me if you insist on making it explicit that I did it on purpose."

Hearing his words, the muscle on Max's face twisted in anger.

Then he breathed deeply to force himself to calm down since he had no choice. After all, given the momentum on the top level of God of War Josh released just now, he knew he wasn't powerful enough to be Josh's rival. Josh was on the verge of rising to an upper level while Max was weaker than him although he was also on the top level of God of War. So Max was likely to be defeated by Josh if they did start a fight.

But as the most powerful figure in Cleveque City, he couldn't stand being humiliated like this in his territory. Then he stared at Josh, asking, "What, what if I insist on going out today?"

As soon as he finished speaking, Max's momentum kept rising frantically. He was boiling with anger and gathering power, ready to wage a war on Josh.

Josh was silent for a while, but subsequently, he lifted his sword in his hands and directed it at Max's head with gathered momentum.

Time went by. Until five minutes later, Josh and Max, the two Gods of War in the Dragon Kingdom, still kept silent, just staring at each other as their momentum was targeted at each other. Neither of them was going to yield. As for the soldiers from the two Military Headquarters outside the door, they were also confronting each other seriously at the moment.

Finally, Max broke the silence and snarled at Josh angrily, "Josh! Do you know you're playing with fire? You're crazy! What the hell are you thinking about now? You meant it when you attempted to kill me just now? Don't you know there will be a war between the Central Region and Cleveque City once you kill me? Are you insane? I'll report it to Chief Scott! Wait and see!"

In the end, Max didn't choose to start a war on Josh because once the war was started, it would cause a loss of strength to the Dragon Kingdom no matter who was the loser. So Max would rather give up at the cost of being humiliated.

But just as Max was about to call Rendon who was far away guarding Gotham City, his phone suddenly rang. He took out it and saw it was Jason's number. His eyes flashing with surprise, he hurriedly answered the phone. "Jason, where are you? You ..."

Before he could finish speaking, Jason's cry for help came from the phone. "Mr. White, help, help! I'm being hunted in the suburbs by some powerful forces who have killed half of my bodyguards including more than one hundred powerhouses of five-star level. Mr. White, please come to my rescue."

Hearing that, Max was shocked. As expected, those mysterious people seemed to begin to make their move toward Jason. But somehow, he still couldn't help but be shocked by the news although he had expected it. Max knew more or less that those people working for Jason were very powerful since Jason was rich enough to recruit hundreds of retired powerhouses from different countries' armies. Among those powerhouses, many were powerful veterans of five-star level who had rich experiences of war.

Even Max wasn't powerful enough to deal with more than one hundred powerhouses of five-star level who had rich experiences. Although he wouldn't be killed by them, he could only try all kinds of tactics to avoid confronting them. This was also part of the reasons why he had never sorted Jason out over the past few years. He was just worried that Jason would rise in revolt once cornered. At that time, those powerhouses working for him would cause a terrible turmoil that Cleveque City couldn't handle.

So at the moment, Max was greatly shocked. He looked up and gave a deep look at Josh who was holding the sword and directing it at his head before snapping at Jason on the phone once again, "Jason, tell me the truth. Who the hell have you offended? What stupid things have you done? Why was Morgan Group almost ruined overnight and why are you being hunted now? Come on. Just tell me who you have offended."

On the phone came the sound of the strong wind blowing and Jason's panting heavily, which obviously indicated that Jason was fleeing frantically. Upon hearing Max's question, he hurriedly replied, "No, I haven't. Mr. White, I've never offended anyone. It's not time to talk about this. Those people who are hunting me are much too powerful. I'm on the way to your place. So please hasten to have your people come to my rescue. Hurry up."

On the other end of the phone, Jason was so anxious and was fleeing desperately to where Max was. But when he finished speaking, he got no reply. A while later, Jason rushed Max to give him a reply. "Mr. White, please say something and hasten to have your people come to my rescue."

"Mr. White, stop kidding me! I'm not joking and I'm indeed being hunted, on the verge of death. It's for real. What about making a deal? You have your people come to my rescue now and I'll donate billions of dollars to Cleveque City's Military Headquarters in return. What do you think of this idea? What about 2.8 billion? Please hurry up and come to my rescue. My people almost can't hold on." On the other end of the phone, Jason was almost lost in despair.

Inside the building of Cleveque City's Military Headquarters, Max gave a deep look at Josh who was still directing the sword at him and said to Jason in a deep voice on the phone, "Don't come to me. Josh Piper, God of War in the Central Region has blocked my exit, so I can't come to your rescue. So you'd better pray for yourself." When Max finished speaking, he hung up the phone before Jason could respond. After that, he directly threw his phone in front of Josh hard!

"Josh, I hope you know what you're doing! I'll call Chief Scott right now!" Max snarled at Josh furiously and was almost driven crazy. After all, Morgan Group ranked first in Cleveque City and it represented the glory of Cleveque City and even the Dragon Kingdom. He thought the whole world must be crazy!

Then Max ignored Josh and walked away to pick up a landline phone from the desk before dialing an encrypted number of Gotham City's Military Headquarters. "This is Max White, God of War from Cleveque City. Hurry up and get me connected to Chief Scott. I have an urgent problem to report. Hurry up!"

Soon Rendon's voice came from the phone. "Max, this is Rendon Scott. Don't panic. I've learned of what happened to Morgan Group. I also learn that the Central Region's God of War, Josh Piper has led his army to Cleveque City."


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