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Heaven Domain (Iwan Cliff) novel Chapter 70

Chapter 70 Bring Morgan Group back

On the hillside, Iwan was standing silent, his face extremely calm. The moment he killed Jason with his own hands, the ups and downs on his mind were all gone. The grudge that had formed five years ago was finally settled, and the thorn that had been in his heart was completely removed at the moment. As a breeze came, his clothes danced, and his gloom disappeared.

Josh Piper, Warrior No.1, and their companions were the same as Iwan. They were also very calm as if it was not something serious to have slaughtered a Powerhouse at the level of the God of War today. The reason was simple: Warrior No.1 and his friends had been fighting together with Iwan outside the country, and they had slaughtered numerous Gods of War in foreign lands, even including the top-level Powerhouses. And the one killed today was just a God of War.

Iwan and his men were calm, but the big shots of Cleveque City, including Max White, the God of War of Cleveque City, could not calm down until a long while later. "That was a God of War, but he was killed like this. Killed!" they thought. At this point, their fear of Iwan had reached its peak, and they better knew why Lucas Mond and those people were so fearless.

"Let's go..." After killing Jason, Iwan only stood there for less than a minute before he turned to leave. This time he had come to Cleveque City to kill a man and take revenge. Now, with the man killed and the grudge settled, of course, he didn't have the mood to stay here anymore. Was he sad for Jason? Or did he have other emotions? No, it was impossible for him to have an experience like that.

Iwan turned and left, and Warrior No.1 followed him. Soon the two of them drove a car away. Only then did the ashen-faced Lawrence ask Max in a stuttering manner, "What... what... what should we do next?"

Max turned to Lawrence and glanced at him. "It's your business..." After that, he went away with the staff of the Cleveque Military Headquarters.

After a short while, only Charles, Lawrence, Bob, Carl, and others could be seen there. Even now, they were still in astonishment.

The one killed today was Jason Morgan of Morgan Group! He had reached the level of the God of War! He was so strong, but in front of the great fighter, before he could fight back, he had been destroyed utterly! Indeed, all his bones and flesh were gone. At this moment, the fiercest and most ambitious person of Cleveque City, the controller of the biggest group in the city, and the one who had dominated the business sector of the city for years was dead only with a few residues left on the ground. The moguls of the city were astounded and so mentally disturbed. They could not calm down until a long time had passed. But the lord had left after killing the man. The action without procrastination made their hearts and souls shudder as if he didn't regard it as something serious at all.

True, Iwan didn't think it was important at all. Now he was in a great hurry, because when he set off from Pasoland that afternoon, Emily had almost cried, afraid that he would not return. Therefore, he didn't want to stay here for too long.

Warrior No.1 was driving the car, and Iwan was in the back row, thinking about something. The next moment, Warrior No.1 asked Iwan, "Big brother, Jason is already dead. The share prices of Morgan Group have hit rock bottom today. Our men had already begun buying the shares secretly, but the shares we've bought are not enough for us to bring the whole company back! A lot of the company's shares are in the hands of the shareholders. When we sent our men to them, they had all disappeared..." As he spoke, Warrior No.1 frowned deeply. This was the only mistake he made today.

"It doesn't matter. Someone will deal with the shares Jason left. Now let's go there and find the person." Iwan had heard the words, but he didn't think it was a problem at all.

Warrior No.1 was instantly surprised and said, "Big brother, do you mean you've asked someone to take over those shares of Morgan Group?"

Iwan's eyes betrayed some reminiscence, and then he said slowly, "No, I haven't. I just planted a secret agent in Morgan Group in those days, just in case. I think it was he who did it. Let's go. Whether it is like that or not, go to him and check it out."

Warrior No.1 didn't ask any more questions but focused on driving, heading for the place that the address Iwan had given him showed.

At the same moment, the vice presidents, board directors, and the other leaders, who were not among the arrested, were all gathering in a top private club in Cleveque City. Their top leader was Blake Nelson, vice chairman of Morgan Group, with 30% of the group's shares.

Blake was in his fifties with gray hair at the sides. Now he was wearing a smile and a fine suit in the head seat, listening to the discussion of Jason's closest confidants.

"Mr. Nelson, what should we do next? We've lost contact with our chairman for half a day, and more and more of our subordinates are being arrested. Besides, someone is insanely buying our shares on the stock market. If this keeps going on, our Morgon Group will be someone else's..." a small shareholder, a confidant of Jason's, said anxiously to Blake in the head seat.

"Yes, yes, Mr. Nelson, find a solution quickly! The chairman is absent, and you're now our rock. Our Morgan Group is now at stake! ..." another confidant of Jason's said quite anxiously. And cold sweat was running down the faces of the people below. The reason was that bad news about Morgan Group had kept coming from last night to now. Besides, they had lost contact with Jason. So, they could no longer be calm now.

At this moment, Nelson gave a bland smile and said, "Morgan Group is not dead yet, is it? Why are all of you anxious? Keep waiting a while! When there's news about Mr. Morgan, then..."

But the confidant of Jason's who had been the first to speak stood up and roared, "Blake Nelson! It has come to this point. What are you still waiting for? Even now, we haven't been able to reach him yet. The guards in his villa all died last night. Who knows where he is now? You think you can reach him? If Mr. Morgan is dead or has been killed, what should we do?"

"Right... right... what should we do? ..." As soon as the person finished speaking, those small shareholders became panicky.

Blake lowered his head and turned the teacup in his hand, his eyes a little strangely cold. Then he said slowly, "What should you do? Of course, hand over all your shares, then find a place to spend the rest of your lives! ... Take some money. It'll be enough for you to spend..."

"Boom..." Their minds seemed to be bombarded. After Blake said that, the room instantly fell into dead silence. The people here who had just been tweeting all looked straight at Blake, their mouths wide open. Blake's words chilled them to the bone, making them shudder!

The confidant of Jason's who had just talked pointed at Blake and yelled, "Blake, you want to take everything alone? Ha... how greedy! Not to mention that we just can't reach him now, even if he's dead, are you sure you have such great capacity to take all the shares of Morgan Group?"

"Bang..." With a gunshot, a small hole appeared in the head of the noisy small shareholder. The next moment, a large group of strong-looking men rushed into the great hall and surrounded all these shareholders, who looked at this scene and the corpse in disbelief. All of them felt a chill in their hearts.

At this moment, keeping his head lowered, Blake said slowly, "Whether I have the capacity or not, you can't decide it..." Then he looked up, glanced around the shareholders below, and slowly said, "What about your thoughts, guys? Die with Jason or hand over your shares now?"

"Blake, you do this..."

"Bang..." A small shareholder loyal to Jason wanted to say something, but one of Blake's guards shot him dead. Then came a series of gunshots. The shareholders who had been closest to Jason in the past were all killed.


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