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Heaven Domain (Iwan Cliff) novel Chapter 81

Chapter 81 Is It Suitable to Praise Me in My Presence?

"Jane, long time no see, but you're still so beautiful..." Jayna greeted Jane with a smile. She had very mixed feelings. Sometime in the past, she had thought that she would have no chance to see this Jane again, one who had been helping her and stopped many people with various motives from annoying her at college. After all, she had had premarital childbirth, and then she lived with Emily alone for four years.

But Iwan was now back, and he had come to marry her as a God of War from the External Regions. Then, she had the courage to keep living and the confidence to come to the international metropolis-Cleveque City, and she could finally see Jane again. She also found that Jane had become more excellent, her talk and behavior showing indescribable temperament and momentum, something she desired and was pursuing. In other words, she was one of those women at the forefront of the times, even in an international metropolis like Cleveque City!

Hearing it, Jane hugged Jayna with a smile, sighing again and again in her mind. Then she could not help but blame her, "You! It was such a big event to marry someone, but you didn't tell me. Now you even have a child. Alas, you got married before me, but your husband looks very handsome. Jayna, congratulations! I'm happy to see you people come to Cleveque City..."

"Thank you, Jane. But I'll need your help in the future in the city. After graduation from college, I've basically never worked in a company. I feel I am out of step with the whole society..." Jayna said to Jane, sighing with deep emotions.

Holding Jayna's hand, Jane sat beside her and said, "I see. Don't worry. You have a strong will to excel. Jane, I believe, I believe you will carve out a career even in Cleveque City..."

Jayna nodded and asked Jane with a smile, "Jane, what do you do nowadays? Could you tell me about it?"

Jane combed the hairs draping at the side of her face and said, "Now I'm a professional manager. I'm an administrative manager in Bass Group. Jayna, by the way, you probably haven't heard of the group, right? But the truth is that Bass Group is ranked third in Cleveque City! It is very powerful. Recently, people in the group have said that Hannah Bass, the talented daughter, the phoenix of the Bass family, will also come back from overseas. She will bring back a lot of patents and science and technologies. She's brilliant! I feel that the family will go prosperous this time. Jayna, do you want to join Bass Group? I can arrange for you..."

"Bass Group?" Sitting opposite the two ladies, Iwan thought of something. He remembered that when he arrived in Cleveque City the day before yesterday, a member of the Bass family seemed to have been following him. That was an old man. Now his wife's friend spoke of Bass Group. Does it have anything to do with Clar Bass?

But now Jane wanted his wife to work at Bass Group. Iwan thought about it before he took out his mobile phone under the table and texted a message to Dawson Gill in Cleveque City, asking, "Ask Carl Bass for my sake if Bass Group is his family's property? If it is not, does it have any relations with them..."

Soon after sending the message, Iwan received Dawson's reply, "Yes, my Lord, please wait a minute. Now I'm in the Bass family's house, discussing the cooperation with the head of the family Carl Bass. Now let me ask him..., but my Lord, could I ask you something. Why do you want to ask about the Bass Group? If you need it, I'll simply buy it..."

Iwan replied, "No need. This is just a random question. One of my wife's college fellows works as a senior executive at Bass Group. Her name is Jane Cook. She's an able woman. She also wants my wife to work there, so I asked you. Well, go ask Carl Bass..."

"Okay, my Lord, please wait. I'll report to you in a while." Dawson replied respectfully.

If their SMS conversation was found out by outsiders, presumably, the whole Cleveque City would be shocked. What they chatted about was really shocking because they spoke of buying an unknown group company. Yet, Iwan didn't think it was unrealistic. For him, if he wanted to buy a group company in Cleveque City, he didn't have to investigate its real strength or the power of its backers. Anyway, none of them could be more powerful than him. Yes, it was so simple...


Dawson was talking about business with Carl Bass, the head of the Bass family, in the family's reception hall. At this moment, he put away his mobile phone and asked Carl, "Mr. Bass, my Lord wants me to ask you about something. Does the Bass family have anything to do with the Bass Group in Cleveque City? We've just been here for a short time, so we still don't know about a few things."

Carl was drinking tea. When he suddenly heard that Dawson said Iwan wanted to know the ties between Bass Group and the Bass family, the teacup in his hand instantly fell to the floor. His face turned pale at once. The next moment, he dropped to his knees in front of Dawson and said with great fear, "Mr.... Mr. Gill, you must save me! I don't know how our family's Bass Group has offended the Lord! I really don't know! Please put in a good word for me in front of the Lord. I'll immediately investigate it and rectify and reform Bass Group. Mr. Gill, please help me! ..."


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