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Her Cancellation of the Engagement novel Chapter 48

Chapter 48 Deterrence

Upon hearing this, Colin and Britney didn't express their opinions, but they agreed with what Killian said in their hearts.

Mr. Galvan wasn't upset either, "I was able to hire her, so naturally, she has graduated. This year's college entrance examination is crucial to the school's reputation. With Ms. Geller presiding over Class 18, you can rest assured."

"Mr. Galvan!" Killian was displeased, "I already said that I can't handle Class 18. I won't teach it."

After a pause, Killian continued, "You know better than anyone what Class 18 is like. I advise you not to harm this young girl. She's only about nineteen years old. If she goes into Class 18, it's uncertain if she can come out unscathed. Are you still counting on her to preside over us? What a joke."

Colin and Britney nodded in agreement. "Mr. Galvan, we understand that you're anxious, but this will harm her."

Mr. Galvan rubbed his temples, feeling a headache coming on.

They hadn't seen Gianna's abilities, so he couldn't blame them.

But when it came to teaching, it still fell on them. No matter how capable Gianna was, she couldn't possibly teach all the classes in Class 18.

Mr. Galvan turned to Gianna. "Ms. Geller, what do you think of?"

Privately, he called Gianna Ms. Geller, but in school, he had to address her as Ms. Geller.

Gianna smiled, not taking offense at the three teachers' words. She simply said, "Let the teachers rest for now. I'll let you know when we can start classes."

Gianna turned to the three teachers and said, "You don't need to worry about me. I hope to have your cooperation in my work in the future!"

She was only responsible for keeping the students in line, not for teaching classes.

Although, she was capable of teaching as well!

Colin and Britney shook their heads slightly, feeling that if she were to encounter any obstacles in Class 18, she would understand how ridiculous her ideas were.

On the other hand, Killian felt that it was laughable for Gianna, at such a young age, to brag and expect them to cooperate with her.

So, he sarcastically said, "Sure! If you can control the students in Class 18, I will provide them with extra tutoring after school every day, free of charge."

"Thank you, Killian," Gianna replied calmly.

Seeing that the matter was settled, the teachers didn't say anything else and left.

After they left, news of a new homeroom teacher for Class 18 quickly spread throughout the school.

At this time, Mr. Galvan and Gianna were still unaware that the news had already spread.

Mr. Galvan originally wanted to explain the situation to Gianna in detail, but she insisted on going directly to Class 18.

She was a principled person and believed that during working hours, she should focus on tasks within her job scope and be worthy of her salary.

Class 18 of Grade 3.

At this moment, it was bustling with noise. Suddenly, a student rushed in, and his face was filled with excitement. "Did you guys hear? We have a new homeroom teacher, and she's a woman. She's already on her way here with Mr. Galvan."

The noise subsided, and all the students looked at the person who spoke, creating a moment of silence.

After a while, someone whistled, jokingly saying, "This teacher is courageous. Brothers, let's prepare a welcome ceremony."

Following that, cheers and the sound of desks and chairs being pounded filled the room. "Friends, let's get excited!"

Afterward, everyone became busy.

About fifteen minutes later, the figures of Gianna and Mr. Galvan appeared in the corridor.

The student who was keeping watch immediately returned to the classroom and excitedly shouted, "They're here. Everyone, get ready."

On the other side, Mr. Galvan brought Gianna to a corner and stopped. He pointed to a classroom not far away and said to Gianna, "That's Class 18. Ms. Geller, I still have a lot of things to take care of, so I won't go over there. You..."

He actually wanted to ask if she could handle it alone.

But he also felt that leaving her alone here and asking that question would feel a bit inappropriate.


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