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Her Cancellation of the Engagement novel Chapter 54

Chapter 54 Highly Confidential Information

As Lloyd finished speaking, Irvin, Murray, and Mr. Galvan looked at him in disbelief.

What had they heard? Lloyd wanted to be a teacher! They must have heard it wrong!

Mr. Galvan first recovered t from the shock and ventured, "Mr. Finley, did you say you would become a PE teacher?"

He had heard it correctly but wondered why Mr. Finley had said such words.

After Gianna entered the classroom, Lloyd withdrew his gaze and asked, "Is there any problem?"

"Well, this..."

Mr. Galvan was at a loss for words because he did not know how to reply.

After thinking for a moment, he said, "No problem!"

Although it was troublesome, he must say yes.

"Go to make arrangements now."

Lloyd paused and continued, "Don't reveal my identity. I will join the school as Lloyd Finley, the seventh son of the Finley family!"

Mr. Galvan was taken aback because the seventh son of the Finley family was disabled. So, he wondered why Mr. Finley wanted to pretend to be him. He had never met Lloyd, so he didn't know Mr. Finley was Lloyd Finley, who was rumored to be a good-for-nothing.

Their surnames were both Finley, so Mr. Galvan soon figured it out and replied, "Yes, Mr. Finley."

After Mr. Galvan showed Lloyd around the school and made an introduction, the latter left.

On the way back, Irvin couldn't help asking in the car, "Mr. Finley, why do you want to be a teacher? We are busy. We have not found the medicine, but the people from GTO have already arrived in Rheinsville City. You should find a way to find the medicine instead of becoming a teacher!"

Lloyd leaned back in the seat, narrowed his deep eyes, rested his slender fingers on the leather seat, and slowly said, "I've had a clue where the medicine is."

Irvin anxiously said, "Did you find it? Where is it? Let's get it right now."

Lloyd replied, "I need time to confirm it!"

"Since you have a clue, you should..."

Before Irvin could finish speaking, Lloyd interrupted, "I know what to do."

Then, he turned to look out the car window with a cold face. And Irvin could not read his emotion.

After a while, he withdrew his gaze, took out his phone, and stared at the information he had received last night.

It was an S+ level confidential document, and the name on it was Gianna Geller!

He had ten documents about Gianna. Every document was the same, except for the S+ level confidential one.


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