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Her Cancellation of the Engagement novel Chapter 64

Chapter 64 The New PE Teacher

Gianna watched as Mrs. Parrish walked away, a cold glint in her eyes.

She put her hand in her pocket, took out her phone, and was about to make a call when suddenly, a pair of elderly hands rested on her shoulders.

Gianna turned around and saw Professor Booth shaking his head at her. She paused momentarily, then put her phone back in her pocket.

She felt almost irrational.

She had more important things to do than confront Mrs. Parrish. If she exposed herself, it would bring trouble to Sherman's family.

Gianna regained her composure and looked at the other parents. Her voice turned cold as she said, "I still stand by my position, and you can't decide whether I leave. Please complain to the relevant authorities if you have any doubts about my qualifications."

She looked up, her icy gaze sweeping across the crowd. "Don't teach me how to be a person-you have no right!"

After finishing her words, Gianna walked towards Class 18 with Professor Booth and his team.

Once they left, Randall sighed as he looked at the parents before him. However, he patiently said, "Ms. Geller's degree certificate is true and can be verified. It took a great deal of effort for me to hire her. I am not going to fire her."

"Furthermore, after she arrived, it only took one class for the students in Class 18 to become well-behaved. Let me tell you, regardless of whether Ms. Geller has a degree certificate, the fact that she can make the students in Class 18 behave is something to be happy about. Don't you want your children to have a good learning environment?"

"Ms. Geller brought in Professor Booth and his team. The academic performance of Class 18 could be better, and they will develop a study plan for the class. Once the learning situation in Class 18 improves, I will also discuss with Ms. Geller about having Professor Booth guide for other classes."

After hearing Randall's words, the parents didn't say much and left one after another.

Of course, they had yet to verify whether Gianna had a doctoral degree with the relevant authorities. Like Mrs. Parrish, they didn't believe Gianna was a Ph.D.

Even though things had developed to this point, they wouldn't stop Gianna from staying at the school.

The most important thing was that Professor Booth could guide other classes, which was good.

Professor Booth's team would stay in Rheinsville City until the SAT was over, and they wouldn't just teach one class during this period. It was a good opportunity for their children to improve academic performance.

Gianna led Professor Booth's team into the classroom of Class 18.

When they arrived at the door, someone shouted, "Stand up!"

Immediately, all the students stood up and respectfully greeted, "Hello, Ms. Geller!"

It was Natalya who called for everyone to stand up.

Yesterday afternoon, after school, Grady created a chat group for everyone in Class 18 (typically, they formed cliques and factions and didn't get along or have a chat group). He called for the election of class leaders and strict adherence to class rules.

After discussion, they decided to make Natalya the class monitor.

Natalya naturally accepted the position because Gia was her friend and now her homeroom teacher. Being the class monitor meant she could help Gia with various tasks.

Seeing the students being so polite, Professor Booth was a bit surprised. "What's this...?"

Gianna smiled at him and said, "The kids are well-behaved."

Professor Booth: "...Don't forget you're a kid too!"

Gianna raised her hand to signal the students to sit down, then introduced, "This is Professor Booth from the Physics Department at Reland University. He will be responsible for teaching you physics in the future."

She pointed to Derek and said, "This is Mr. Derek, who will teach chemistry."

Then she introduced another teacher, "This is Mr. Reilly, who will teach foreign languages."

Gianna proceeded to introduce several other teachers one by one.

The students were ecstatic!

They were teachers from Reland University!

From now on, would they be their teachers?

With their guidance, even idiots could score more than 150 points above the graduation line on the SAT.

So, they immediately responded loudly, "Hello, Professor Booth! Hello, Mr. Derek! Hello, Mr. Reilly..."

Their voices were loud and powerful.

Professor Booth smiled with satisfaction and said, "Alright, it seems I misunderstood you before. Learning time is precious, and I won't waste any more of it. From now on, we need to test you to assess your levels and create a new study plan."

Upon hearing that they were going to take another test, the students were not worried at all. Instead, they became even more excited.

"Thank you, Professor Booth!" they all exclaimed in unison.


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