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His Eagle Eyes on Me novel Chapter 1585

In the dining hall, Avery felt a little unaccustomed to eating breakfast alone.

"Did Adrian go out for some new year's visits too?"

Mrs. Scarlet answered, "Shea and Wesley came to pick him up in the morning."

"Shea and Wesley were here?”

"Yeah. The two of them are going to go skiing today, so they asked Adrian to join them." Mrs. Scarlet said pitifully. "Adrian would've been alone otherwise, and it's kinda sad if you think about it."

"He can join Hayden and the kids."

Mrs. Scarlet: "Do you know where they went to celebrate the new year today?"

"Where?" Avery asked in surprise.

"Mike's place." The smile on Mrs. Scarlet's face was unable to hide the sadness in her expression. "Master Elliot doesn't have any relatives, and you don't have much contact with yours either, right?"

Mrs. Scarlet's words stunned Avery.

"Adrian has a brother, but unfortunately his eldest brother is a terrible person." The smile on Mrs. Scarlet's face disappeared completely. "But at least they more aware of their position now and stopped coming here to cause trouble after Master Elliot came back."

Avery responded and said, "Mike drank a little too much last night, and yet they're going to Mike's place to celebrate today..."

"The children can't just stay at home," Mrs. Scarlet said. "Layla was making a fuss about going out to enjoy herself, and Hayden had no choice but to take her out. Mrs. Cooper is there too, so at least they have food to eat. You don't need to worry about them."


"They’ll go visit Eric tomorrow," Mrs.

Scarlet said. "Layla called Eric this morning. Would you like to go with them tomorrow?"

Avery thought of the injury on her head...

She could not wash her hair yet and needed to apply some strong-smelling ointment regularly Furthermore, she was not enthusiastic about going out and meeting people.

"I know," Avery answered. Mrs. Scarlet then saw Elliot approaching immediately excused herself.


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