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His Stunning Doctor Wife novel Chapter 625

As soon as he finished speaking, he smashed the whirlwind to pieces with a bang and the gusts dissipated.

Then, Fade came out of the whirlwind unscathed. He cast a cold glance at Yohannes and raised his right arm, slashing a crimson sharp blade at Yohannes.

Yohannes was startled and he retreated rapidly. At the same time, he activated the positive energy in his body to protect his chest and block Fade's attack.

"Boom!" the crimson sharp blade chopped Yohannes's chest.

Although Yohannes had already activated his positive energy to protect his chest, Fade's attack was more powerful than he had imagined. The crimson blade cut through Yohannes' shield of positive energy, leaving a bloody cut on his chest with blood gushing out. The attack made Yohannes take a few steps back and his face instantly turned pale.

"You..." Yohannes was shocked and he wanted to say something.

However, Fade did not just stop there. He swung his right hand in Yohannes' direction.

Then, an invisible aura, like a huge palm, slammed into Yohannes.

"Puff!" Yohannes, who had been seriously injured, spat a mouthful of blood. His face was as white as a sheet.

Fade was able to gain an upper hand against Yohannes with only two moves. Yohannes himself had never expected this, let alone the crowd.

"W- what's going on? The situation has completely reversed," someone gasped.

"Master Chen is formidable. He has turned the tables!" a local martial artist said.

"We won. Long City won," another local martial artist exclaimed.

"Good, you've fought well. Look at the guys from the Westamor District. How dare they be smug in Long City!" the other martial artists snorted.

Many martial artists applauded and cheered for Fade. However, Easter, who had just ridiculed Fade, was livid when he witnessed the situation.

And Huxley's legs were so weak that he almost fell to the ground and fainted.

Tom looked at them and sneered, "Are you afraid now? This is just the beginning."

While the crowd was still in shock, Fade had attacked Yohannes several more times. Each of his attacks landed firmly on Yohannes, causing him to bleed a lot, so much that he was not able to stand straight up anymore.

The martial artists on the ship were completely dumbstruck.

They were close to the stage, so they could clearly feel Yohannes' incredible strength previously. It was the strength of a martial artist at the peak of the Black Level. Its pressure was irresistible and it made them feel powerless.

However, such the powerful Yohannes was like Fade's toy now. He had no strength to fight back and defend himself against Fade's attacks at all.

Staring at Fade, they could not imagine how strong the young man in front of them was and what his martial arts level was.

Meanwhile, Fade looked at Yohannes who was close to death and had blood all over his face, and he finally stopped.

Standing in front of Yohannes, Fade said with a cold voice, "Do you admit defeat?"

Despite the blood all over his face, Yohannes gnashed his teeth and didn't want to admit defeat. After all, once he spoke, he would instantly lose half of the Yue's family's property to Fade.

His family members would certainly be dissatisfied with him if he lost half of the family property, even if he held a high status in the Yue family.

Hence, Yohannes didn't want to give in. He gritted his teeth and said, "I-1 won't admit defeat."


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