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Honorable Hubby Behind Me novel Chapter 685

In the room, Qi Yiyun, who had changed into a dress and put on light makeup, paced back and forth. She kept looking in the mirror in the bathroom. Qi Yiyun, who had always been very confident in her appearance, seemed very nervous at this time.

It was not the first time she had met Samuel, but every time she met him, Qi Yiyun felt like an ugly daughter-! n-law meeting her parents-in-law. She felt as if a deer was running wild in her heart.

When she heard the footsteps stopping at the door, her nerves tensed up. When the doorbell rang, she was even more stunned.

Qi Yiyun stood at the door and opened the door after taking a deep breath.

Samuel walked into the room with no emotion in his cold eyes.

Qi Yiyun heaved a sigh of relief. The woman was pleased with her appearance. She had deliberately put on make-up, but Samuel did not even take a look at her. Even though this was something that she could have anticipated, she still could not accept the fact that it had happened.

"Can't you even look at me?" Qi Yiyun said defiantly. She had no feelings for Samuel, but she felt that her careful dressing deserved at least Samuel’s approval.

This disregard was an insult to her.

"How do you want to make use of me? Just say it," Samuel said lightly.

Qi Yiyun frowned and said, "I didn't use you. I just want to cooperate with you."

Samuel sat on the sofa and glanced at Qi Yiyun. He had to admit that her figure and beauty were great temptations for men, but for Samuel, she was just a beautiful woman. That was all.

In Samuel’s heart, no one could compare to Yvonne's status. The relationship between Yvonne and him did not happen because of Yvonne’s beauty. It was because they had suffered because of each other for the past three years.

It wasn't easy to wait until the day when the clouds were cleared. How could Samuel waver in Yvonne's feelings just because Qi Yiyun was so beautiful?


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