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Honorable Hubby Behind Me novel Chapter 693

In the main bedroom of the Hillside Villa, Lydia had been worried since she returned to her room.

Although the identity of Samuel shocking to her, after thinking carefully, Lydia found that such an identity was meaningless, because the opponent she was facing now was much stronger than the so-called Swallow City Hannigan family, which was beyond her understanding. Such an existence would certainly pose a great threat to them.

Lydia was a selfish person, and that had always been the case. All her thoughts must have revolved around her. Even this time, she was not worried about Samuel, but about herself.

If Samuel had no way to deal with Han Van, this matter might involve her. Now Lydia was enjoying her comfortable life, and she was never willing to be affected by anyone.

"What are you thinking about?" Seeing Lydia was silent, Godfrey asked.

"I'm thinking of a way to prevent the Sue family from getting involved in this matter. Do you think that everyone is as heartless as you and doesn't care about anything?" Lydia looked at Godfrey coldly and said.

Godfrey sighed and said, "This kind of thing is beyond our control. Do you have any other way to help Samuel?"

Lydia shook her head without hesitation and said, "I can't help him, but I must make sure the Sue family is not threatened."

"What do you mean?" Godfrey looked at Lydia in confusion. He had a bad feeling about this.

Having been with Lydia and her husband for so many years, Godfrey had a very thorough understanding of her character. However, Godfrey could not figure out what she was thinking because her decision was usually something that ordinary people could not understand.

"It's obvious that SamuelSamuel can't deal with Han Van. If he is finished, how can the Sue family not be implicated?" Lydia asked Godfrey. 1

Godfrey looked at Lydia warily and said, "What are you up to again? I advise you not to mess around. The relationship between Yvonne and Samuel is very good now. It's not something you can destroy."

Lydia gritted her teeth and said, "So what if they have a good relationship? Are we going to die with Samuel? Yvonne may blame me now, but she will know in the future that I am doing this for her own good."

"What do you want to do?" Godfrey was afraid Lydia would do something stupid, so he asked quickly.


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