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Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband novel Chapter 1286

Jarvis Alexander chuckled softly but remained silent. His eyes were brimming with unending sadness.

There are some people and things that once lost, may never return.


Cornelia was just discharged from the hospital and got home, only to find that all of Patricia's stuff had been moved out.

Patricia didn't call her, didn't text her, just left a note at home saying, "Nelly, see you. Take care."

Cornelia worried that something might have happened to Patricia, hurriedly called her, but the call was answered with, “The number you have dialed is not in service."

Unable to reach Patricia, Cornelia texted her, but after the message was sent, a line of small print appeared, "Message sent but rejected by the recipient."

Patricia had actually blocked her!

No way.

Cornelia, still worried, called Granny Luisa.

As always, Granny Luisa picked up the phone quickly, "Nelly..."

Hearing Granny Luisa's gentle and kind voice, Cornelia felt a little relieved, "Granny Luisa, are you okay?"

Granny Luisa replied, "I'm fine. Are you asking about Patricia's whereabouts?"

Cornelia replied, "Granny Luisa, I just got home and found out Patricia's stuff had been moved out. I can't reach her now. Is she with you?"

Granny Luisa replied, "She's gone back to take care of Marc. She felt awkward facing you, so she blocked you."


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