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Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband novel Chapter 1294

"All right." After hanging up the phone, Hannah felt her palms sweating as she thought back to what had just happened.

"Paola, I've decided I'm not going to Zurich." Hannah walked out of her room, talking as she moved. Only then did she notice a man sitting on the living room couch.

The man sat upright and confident, his physique striking. Even from behind, she could tell who he was.

It was her ex-husband, Steven!

This was their first meeting in over a month since their divorce.

Hannah wasn't sure why he was in her hotel room, and she felt a little nervous, "Mr. Dixon, did you need something?"

Steven held a tablet, completely engrossed in the files on the screen, ignoring Hannah.

Hannah thought to herself, "If he won't give me any attention, then I won't give him any either."

She then turned her attention elsewhere, calling out loudly, "Paola, Paola..."

Steven's deep voice suddenly broke the silence, "Stop calling. I've had her taken away. She won't bother you anymore."

Maybe because she had grown used to Steven's control over the years, when she heard her assistant had been taken away by him, Hannah accepted the fact quite calmly, "All right."

Steven finally put down the tablet, sparing her a glance, "Hannah!"

Hannah replied, "Mr. Dixon, what's up?"

Steven said, "Paola works for Jared."


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