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Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband novel Chapter 1310

Justin asked, "You know Steven, right?"

Cornelia replied, "Of course I do. He's the big shot CEO of the Dixon Group, loaded, handsome, and young to boot. He's always plastered over celebrity magazines, how could I not know him?"

Justin said, "That's not what I was getting at."

Cornelia asked, "Then what are you asking about?"

Justin said, "Cornelia, you agreed to meet with me, which means you know you have a problem and you want to solve it. But now you're not cooperating, not telling me the truth. How am I supposed to help you?"

Cornelia asked, "Dr. Terrel, do you really think you can help me?"

Justin replied, "I can. You have to trust me."

Looking at the determination in Justin's eyes, Cornelia slowly let her smile fade, her beautiful eyes filled with endless loneliness, "Dr. Terrel, I think I'm sick."

Justin said, "I know."

Trembling with emotion, Cornelia said, "I can't control myself, I can't. Dr. Terrel, please help me, save my child!"

Justin held her hand, patting it gently, "Cornelia, as long as you trust me and tell me what's bothering you, I can help you. We can fight this sickness."

Cornelia asked, "Tell you what?"

Justin said, "What's eating you up inside."

Cornelia hesitated, and then slowly said, "Do you remember Marcus?"

Justin replied, "I remember."

Cornelia said, "He wasn't just my boss, he was my husband. But we're divorced now."


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