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Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband novel Chapter 1317

Cornelia asked, "Who put you up to this, huh?"

Emily said, "My mom did."

Cornelia said, "Oh and let me guess, Alfredo's wife and the rest of them are also whispering in your ear?"

Emily nodded, "Yeah, she said that everyone watched Jarvis grow up. They know him well and they'd feel better if you were with him."

Cornelia said, "Next time you want something, just tell me directly. I'll get it for you. No need to pass on messages."

Emily said, "I genuinely think Jarvis is a great guy."

Jarvis had indeed been quite good to Cornelia over the past few months. But Cornelia had already made it clear that she had rejected him. Not only did she not have feelings for him, more importantly, she didn't plan on getting married again. She planned to have her child and raise it on her own.

"Emily, who told you to spout nonsense in front of Cornelia?" The man they'd been discussing suddenly appeared before them, looking sternly at Emily.

Emily said, "I wasn't spouting nonsense."

Jarvis reached out and grabbed Emily's ear, "Who bought you the Iron Man toy? Spill it!"

Emily said, "Alright, alright. I'll tell the truth. It wasn't you who asked me to do this, it was my big brother."

Jarvis let go of Emily and looked awkwardly at Cornelia, "You heard that, right? I didn't tell him to spread rumors. It's already great that I can be your friend. I don't have any other intentions towards you."

Cornelia said, "Why are you out and about, besides staying at home?”

Jarvis said, "You're going to the prayer ceremony, I thought I'd tag along."


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