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Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband novel Chapter 1320

Jarvis said, "Cornelia, running away from your problems won't solve anything. You gotta face them head on."

Cornelia answered, "Who says I'm not facing them? I just chose the life I wanted. Not every woman dreams of being married. My child not only has my love, but also the love of many others. So what if she has a little less of a dad's love?"

Jarvis was quiet for a moment.

Cornelia continued, "Jarvis, you're a catch. I'm sure there are tons of girls who are into you. What I can't wrap my head around is why you're so hung up on a pregnant woman like me. You got some kind of kink or something?"

Jarvis asked, "Do you remember those lectures in college?"

Cornelia answered, "Of course, those were my favorite parts of college. I'd jump at the chance to engage with the professors. But how do you know about that?"

Jarvis said, "Because I was there too, and I noticed you were there."

Cornelia asked, "But those were at the University of Riverton, what were you doing there?"

Jarvis asked, "What if I told you I was a student at the University of Riverton too?"

Cornelia exclaimed, "I thought you graduated from Capital College!"

Jarvis answered, "Who told you I graduated from there?"


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