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Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband novel Chapter 1330

Dr. Lester could only sigh and think, "Man, this dude is one stubborn son of a gun!"

Barely alive, he spent a fortune to buy the villa next to the Duran family, just to be closer to his sweetheart. Sometimes, he even thought about hopping the fence to sneak a peek at her. But the Duran family's security system was no joke, and he couldn't crack it in a short time. So he moved in some time ago, but hadn't had any luck.

One night, Cornelia stayed in a nearby house after a prayer ceremony, and he seized the chance to see the woman he had been missing.

Worried that the smell of medicine on him would make her uncomfortable, he sprayed on a ton of cologne before leaving the house. The scent was so strong that he couldn't stop sneezing.

The guy then said, "Set it up for me. I want to go see the snow in Forgotten Kingdom tomorrow."

Dr. Lester replied, "This is a critical time for your recovery. Letting you go out to see Cornelia in the middle of the night was already a big concession. It might snow heavily tonight, and it's cold. You're not to step foot outside."

The man said, "I want to see her."

Dr. Lester said, "She might not go. If you go, it might be a waste of effort."

He insisted, "Even if there's a one in ten thousand chance, I will go."

Dr. Lester was left speechless in frustration, "Marc, can you just listen to me for once? I've told you countless times, the recovery period is as important as the surgery. You can't think that just because the surgery is over, your life is saved and you're fine. If you don't rest properly during this time, all our previous efforts could be in vain, and all your suffering could be for nothing."

The man still only said one thing, "I want to see her."


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