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Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband novel Chapter 1332

Cornelia said, "Grandpa, these gifts."

To Grandpa Augustine, these gifts were peanuts, "Why don't you hit the mall again tomorrow? You should get yourself some new clothes."

Cornelia responded, "Grandpa, you just had loads of clothes custom made for me not long ago, I haven't even worn them yet, I think I'll pass on buying more. Keep these gifts for yourself. They gave me a lot today. I'll definitely return the favor later. We're not close or anything, so maybe you could handle the returning part."

Grandpa Augustine shot Cornelia a displeased look, "You think I'm short of these trinkets? They're gifts from elders, just accept them graciously. I'll handle the gift returning when the time comes, no need for you to worry."

Cornelia said, "We're not close or anything, getting such expensive gifts all of a sudden, it's kinda unsettling."

Grandpa Augustine said, "These are small tokens from the Duran family elders, just accept them, what's there to be unsettled about?"

With no other choice, Cornelia accepted, "Alright, I'll just stash these gifts away, save them for my baby."

Grandpa Augustine said, "I've already got all your baby's needs covered. When she's born, I'll gift her a villa and a few commercial properties. These little gifts of yours, you could buy them on a casual stroll. Don't worry too much."

Grandpa Augustine continued, "It's getting late, better hit the sack."

Cornelia got up. "Alright." She took a few steps, then turned around and said, "Grandpa, Goldie from next door had her maid deliver loads of desserts recently. I haven't returned the favor yet, and I'm thinking of paying her a visit tomorrow."

Grandpa Augustine said, "Alright, I'll have someone prep the gifts."

Cornelia said, "Grandpa, Goldie is rolling in dough too. When it comes to gifts, it's the thought that counts. She made the desserts herself, I also want to make something meaningful for her."

Grandpa Augustine gently patted Cornelia's head, "Nelly, this is your home, do what you want. You don't need my permission. If you need craft materials, just have someone get them."

Cornelia said, "Alright."

Grandpa Augustine stressed, "Nelly, remember, you're the lady of the house."


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