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Love Comes After Marriage novel Chapter 626

"What nonsense are you speaking?"

"Father, we both know what's really going on. Since you've already done it, why act like you're not involved?" Mo Ting's voice wasn't angry nor cold, in fact, it was quite casual. This was because he knew, if he was angry or cold, it would mean he still held hope for this man. So...

...his casual approach meant one thing.

"From now on, I will no longer have a father and you will no longer have a son."

"If this is how you treat your son, then I think it's better for us to be strangers...or even enemies."

Hearing this, Father Mo froze. He never expected that Mo Ting would go to such extremes. For the sake of Tangning, he actually chose to end their father-son relationship.

"Are you being serious?" Father Mo asked angrily.

"Do I look like I'm joking? From today onwards, you will get a taste of my methods. You will see, by hurting Tangning and I, how many people will be implicated," Mo Ting's voice slowly gained power. "By the way, I forgot to tell you: I barely show sympathy for others."

Before Father Mo could fully grasp the meaning of Mo Ting's words, he had already hung up the phone.

He originally wanted to use this incident to 'advise' Mo Ting not to stay with a woman like Tangning.

But, he never expected Mo Ting to know, from the start, who the culprit was behind the 'dirty scheme'.

But, scheme?

What scheme? Did he really think it would work?

Father Mo did not take Mo Ting's words to heart. But, the next morning, all gossip about Tangning and her child, had completely disappeared.

This was because of what happened last night. A famous actress casually shared her opinion on Tangning's child and when Mo Ting found out, he ignored the fact that she was from a different agency, and immediately instructed Fang Yu to handle the matter. Firstly, he banned her from the industry, then he made her entire family unemployed. Overnight, she was flown overseas and forbidden to ever step foot into Beijing again.

Not only this. Through small channels within the industry, Mo Ting gave everyone a warning, "If you want to laugh at me, then do it to my face. If you want to share your opinion on the child in Tangning's stomach, I will immediately destroy you."

His words were firm...

The majority of people in the industry understood and acted accordingly. But, there was one person who wanted to test their luck. As a result, within one short night, they were left in an extremely sorry state.

That night, Hai Rui dealt with 3 artists consecutively; each with different levels of status, but all with loose lips.

One was sent overseas; another had their debts exposed and their legs broken by the debt collectors; and the last one had their house searched for possession of marijuana and was currently sitting in the police station.

With assistance from their agencies, these three artists were on the path to becoming superstars. But, because they stuck their nose in Tangning's business, they were now but fallen stars.

The most frightening thing was, everyone in the industry knew who made all this happen, yet, all they could do was protect themselves. After all, Mo Ting was serious, so no one dared to make any reckless jokes.

As a result, all gossip related to Tangning and/or the child in her stomach, disappeared without a trace, like nothing had ever happened.

Management agencies were afraid of causing offence, so they decided not to attract unnecessary troubles. As for artists, they knew their agencies feared Mo Ting, so how could they not be even more afraid!

Now that things had reached this point, the truth was no longer important. The most important thing was, everyone now knew how ruthless his methods were.

It didn't take long before news of what had happened traveled to Father Mo's ears. As the culprit behind the entire incident, Father Mo's face flushed red after hearing about the extreme and ruthless methods that Mo Ting had used. He had never expected that Mo Ting would go to this extent.

"This Mo Ting has really gone crazy," Father Mo's efforts had gone to waste, so he was bound to be angry. Especially after seeing Mo Ting's powerful methods, he finally understood what Mo Ting meant when he said that he'd implicate others.


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