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Love Comes After Marriage novel Chapter 628

"I've never been an obedient person either."

"But, my appearance has further amplified the problems that already existed. They want to use whatever methods possible to tear me away from your side and wake you up," Tangning's lips curved up slightly as she looked down at her stomach and shook her head, "It's just, their methods aren't that great. I thought I was the only one that sacrificed myself in order to destroy my enemies."

After speaking, the couple remained silent for a little while before Tangning added, "At least, with Tang Xuan, it was a matter of interest. But, is it necessary for your parents to go to the extent where they would do anything just to put up a fight?"

"No matter how big of an issue they have with me and no matter how much they don't want to see me, there's no need to slander their daughter-in-law and grandchild, right?"

"Sorry," Mo Ting hugged Tangning tightly, "The Tang Family has already given you enough struggles."

"Why should you be sorry?" Tangning asked as she turned to look at Mo Ting. Her heart broke as she saw his face, "You know, I once dreamed of a perfect relationship with my in-laws. I thought, even if Ms Hua doesn't like me, she would at least love you, but..."

"You are Mo Ting. In my heart, and other people's hearts, you are capable of anything..."

"No matter how your parents are, they should not be vulgar people, yet, the things they have done, do not match their identities at all..."

After hearing what Tangning had to say, Mo Ting carried his wife horizontally towards the bedroom, "There are some things that I am still investigating."

In reality, Mo Ting couldn't believe that his parents were like this either...

"How certain are you at the moment?" Tangning was well aware of what Mo Ting was investigating, so her question was a little out of context.

"I'm 90% sure."

It seemed, in Mo Ting's heart, the current Hua Wenfeng was already a fake.

"Actually, there is a very simple method you could use."

"Things aren't as simple as you think." Mo Ting pushed open the door to the bedroom and placed Tangning onto the bed, "I need to clarify things properly."

"If you don't give me an answer soon, I will make a move at Miro Hotel in 2 days time. I will not let go of anyone that tries to tear us apart or hurt our child, even if that person is your mother."

"Have I ever stopped you?" After speaking, Mo Ting walked into the walk-in wardrobe and did his own thing. When he came back out, he had changed into a white pair of home clothes.

Mo Ting had always known that Tangning knew what she was doing. And in this world, the only person that understood his difficulties and pains was Tangning.

So, she did not want to throw him into a dilemma.

But, when dealing with issues like the one that Tangning was facing, the identity of mother and mother-in-law should not make a difference. After all, when Hua Wenfeng did the things she did, she had completely disregarded her identity as both.

So, it was OK for people to hurt her, but if they wanted to hurt Mo Ting and/or her child, Tangning would never be able to tolerate it.


Meanwhile, Hua Wenfeng was still fantasizing about Tangning being abandoned by Mo Ting.


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