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Love Comes After Marriage novel Chapter 638

Over the next two days, Hua Wenfeng took what she thought was 'Mo Ting's DNA' to the hospital to get it tested. While Father Mo was around, she also requested for the staff to film the entire process and not to let the sample leave the camera for even a second.

"Mrs Mo, it's impossible for us to complete your request," the hospital staff replied helplessly.

Seeing Hua Wenfeng's determination, Father Mo simply viewed her as an anxious mother. So, his heart broke knowing how badly she wanted to prove her innocence.

"Wenfeng, you have truly suffered," Father Mo comforted, "If I knew you'd give birth to such an unfilial son, I wouldn't have stopped you from having an abortion."

"He's become completely lawless and has even married a wife that is pure evil."

Thinking of this, Father Mo was a little frustrated, so he pulled out his phone and gave Elder Mo a phone call. He then recalled all the 'evil' things that Tangning had done to his father, "Father, Wenfeng and I have been bullied to this extent. If you don't step out to teach Tangning a lesson, the Mo Family is going to be destroyed in her hands."

Elder Mo wasn't stupid, deaf nor blind. Although he did not witness everything that happened during this time in person, he knew exactly what was happening. He especially knew about the video that had appeared on the big screen of Global Square just a couple days ago.

Above all, he knew better than anyone how Tangning was like as a person.

"When will the DNA results come out?" Elder Mo originally wanted to stay out of the mess, but after careful thought and knowing that things had gotten to this point, it didn't seem right for him to not say something.

"The hospital said it would take at least two days."

"I'll see you in two days then. I'll drop by Hyatt Regency for a visit."

After all, it had been a while since he saw Tangning and his great grandchild, Elder Mo thought.

Father Mo had no idea what Elder Mo was thinking. He simply thought the old man was supporting him. But, little did he know, in order to understand Tangning, the old man had already put in a lot of work in the past. Even if Father Mo was his son, Elder Mo would only help the person that he thought was right. After all, both sides were his loved ones, if he didn't pick a side, how was this battle to ever end?

"Wenfeng, I've already given my father a phone call. He will definitely help us when the time comes."

Hua Wenfeng nodded her head. She had forgotten that the Mo Family still had an Elder Mo. And Elder Mo was known to protect the underdog.

So, how could Tangning's fate end well when she was constantly stirring up a storm?

In two days time...

...there was bound to be a good show.


An Zihao had mentioned that a new person would be arriving at the apartment.

Initially, Chen Xingyan thought he was just joking. But, who would have thought, early in the morning, a luxurious van arrived downstairs. The new girl was the same age as Chen Xingyan and had just gone home with a first place in free combat. From the sounds of it, the two girls were quite comparable in skills.

But, their treatment was far from the same.

The apartment consisted of two floors. Chen Xingyan lived in the guest room on the bottom floor. Every now and then, when she was annoyed, she'd go upstairs to the main bedroom and lie inside for a while. The furnishings in the main bedroom was definitely on a different level to her room. She originally assumed that An Zihao had left that room for himself and that he'd stay there every now and then for convenience purposes. Who would have thought...

...An Zihao ended up giving the room to this new girl...

"Are you Chen Xingyan? Hello, I'm Annie. We are housemates from now on."

The girl wasn't as tall as Chen Xingyan, but her body was clearly well-trained in martial arts. However, Chen Xingyan did not like the girl's smile; it was too hard to tell if she was being sincere or fake.


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