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Madam Escaped Again, Sir (Lillian Hawkins and Eric Walker) novel Chapter 633

Alright, then. Seeing how much he cares for me and how he went there just to buy snacks for me, I'll just wait for him.

Sonia looked around and saw a lounge, so she walked over there to sit down. While dangling her legs, she looked in the direction of the vending area.

In the meantime, Toby reached the vending area and due to his overwhelming presence, the people in line immediately made a path for him.

He was somewhat shocked by what

just happened.

Since he had never been to public places like these before, he never knew that he would receive such a treatment.

If it was any other day, he might just ask them to continue to queue up without moving aside for him.

However, Sonia was waiting for him, so he decided to accept the favor.

After nodding his head to the people in line with gratitude, he came to the front of the line.

Looking at the tall and handsome man with an imposing aura, the lady at the cashier could immediately tell that he must be rich and powerful, so her breathing suddenly stopped as she blushed and stuttered, “S-Sir, what can I get you?”

He is so handsome! I’ve never seen such a handsome man in my entire life. I thought that a rare specimen like him only exists in another dimension. I can't believe that he is actually real!

Ignoring the lady’s love struck reaction, Toby skimmed through the menu and his thin lips parted as he said, “One mango juice and one popcorn.”

The lady instantly took a deep breath. Gosh, his voice is as attractive as his looks! He is definitely the perfect man. Even the dashing celebrities in the entertainment industry are no match for him.

Seeing that the lady was standing there in a daze, Toby frowned in frustration. “So?”

When she sensed the frustration from his tone, she quickly came back to her senses and apologized to him. “I'm sorry, sir. I was distracted just now. You ordered one mango and one popcorn, right? I’ll go grab it right away.”

He gave a simple reply before thinking about something. “How much do you have left? I want to buy them all.”

“Huh?" The lady froze. “Y-You want to buy everything?”

He nodded. “That’s right. I’m paying for everything. As long as the customer is here to watch a movie, they can have anything here for free.” Then, he turned around and looked at the line behind him. “This is my thanks to all of you for letting me cut the line.” With that, he turned back around and took out a gold card from his wallet before handing it to the lady. “Use my card.”

“A-Alright.” She accepted his card in a daze.

Everyone in the line behind Toby was left dumbfounded. Why does it seem like we are being treated by a... big shot?

No one expected such a good thing to happen when coming out for a movie tonight.

“Sir, here is your card.” The lady returned his card with two hands.

After receiving the card, Toby stuffed it in the pocket of his suit and left with his purchase.

At that, everyone in the line, including the cashier, turned their heads to watch as he left.

The women were all moved by him while the men were all envious of him.

There was no man in this world who wouldn’t want to be as rich and powerful as Toby while also being that handsome.

“Hello, handsome.” Suddenly, two girls appeared in front of him, holding their milkshake.

Looking at the dashing man in front of them, they couldn’t help but blush while their heartbeat accelerated nervously.

After all, it was their first time striking up a conversation with such a handsome man, which was why they were so stressed.

“Are you referring to me?” Toby asked while raising his eyebrows.

The two girls nodded. “Yes, handsome.”

He furrowed his brows tightly.


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