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Madam Escaped Again, Sir (Lillian Hawkins and Eric Walker) novel Chapter 638

She looked at him place a pair of slippers in front of her, and she was quite dumbfounded. “Are you actually treating this as your own home?”

Toby knew what she was talking about, but he merely stood up and smiled. “Isn’t it just a matter of time?”

Sonia rolled her eyes at him. “I can’t believe you!”

She changed into the bedroom slippers and walked past him to head to the living room. Subsequently, she took the remote control on the coffee table and turned on the heater.

Just then, Toby trailed after her. As soon as he got close to her, he saw her suddenly grab something and fling it at him.

Instinctively, he reached out to catch it and it felt like a soft material in his hands. He looked down and saw that it was his pajamas.

It was the one that she had bought for him.

“Go and take a shower.” Sonia pointed toward the bathroom by the living room as she mused, If he doesn't go and take a shower and get warmer, he’s definitely going to be down with a fever tomorrow.

However, Toby held the pajamas possessively and looked at her. “You should go first.”

He was quite aware that it would be better for the body if one took a shower as soon as possible, so he wanted her to go first.

Sonia was also quite satisfied with Toby’s concern and kind gesture. And so, she pointed to her own bedroom with a smile. “I’ll take a shower in my room. In that case, there’s no need to argue about who goes first.”

Meanwhile, Toby nodded slightly as soon as he heard her words and he no longer insisted on letting her go first.

He took the pajamas in his arms and walked toward the bathroom by the living room.

Truth was, he was slightly disappointed that Sonia wasn’t going to take a shower in the bathroom by the living room.

If she did, then he would be able to catch a whiff of the lingering fragrance of her shower gel when it was his turn to take a shower. That way, they could be considered to have taken a shower together indirectly.

At that point, Sonia squinted her eyes slightly as she stared at Toby’s back.

She wasn’t sure whether she was thinking too much, but she had a gut feeling that there seemed to be something ridiculous going on in his mind. With a shake of her head, she ignored the niggling feeling and made her way into her bedroom to take a bath.

Her feet were as cold as ice and she reckoned that if she didn’t hurry up and take a bath, she would surely catch a cold.

Sonia took about half an hour to get out of the bath. If it wasn’t because of her feeling slightly dizzy due to the lack of oxygen from being in the bath for too long, she wouldn’t have gotten Just then, she walked out of the bedroom with a mask over her face.

At that point, Toby had already finished showering and he had been sitting on the sofa for quite some time now. He had a magazine in his hand, which he flipped from time to time.

As soon as he saw her walk out, he lifted his head. “Are you done?”

Sonia hummed and glanced behind him. “Why didn’t you get your bed ready?”

Meanwhile, Toby’s eyes flickered as he shut the magazine in his hands. He looked at her intently as he murmured, “Sonia, I don’t want to sleep on the sofa.”

Upon hearing that, she lifted her brows. “Where do you want to sleep if you don’t want to sleep on the sofa? My other room’s been turned into a study room and I’ve also sold the bed in that room. There’s only the sofa available.”

However, he lowered his eyelids and didn’t say a word.

As soon as she saw his current behavior, Sonia recalled the incident last night and her eyes widened instantly. “Do you mean that you want to sleep in my room instead of the sofa?”

Instantly, Toby lifted his head. “Is that alright?”

“Of course not!” Sonia instantly rejected him. “Last night you sneaked into my room, yet I didn’t kick you out because I couldn’t bear to. Now, however, you want to sleep in my room and on my bed?! No way! You’d better behave yourself and sleep on the sofa. Otherwise, you can go downstairs and stay with Tom.”

Stay with Tom?'. Suddenly, there was a flash of disgust across Toby’s eyes that disappeared almost instantaneously. He sat up straight and replied, “I don’t want to go downstairs.”


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