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Madam Escaped Again, Sir (Lillian Hawkins and Eric Walker) novel Chapter 640

Last night, he had even given his promise that he wouldn’t get under her blanket. Looking at the current outcome, Sonia grumbled to herself, Look at this! A man’s words really can't be trusted.

She squinted her eyes slightly before lifting her feet and directed a kick toward the man next to her.

Toby was originally sleeping quite close to the edge of the bed and following her kick, his entire being fell to the ground with a thud, along with the blanket.

At that point, Toby woke up right away. He sat on the ground and there was a slightly lost look in his eyes as he wondered, What's going on? Why am I on the ground?

He rubbed his temples, only for him to suddenly sense an angry pair of eyes on him.

He lifted his head to check it out and his eyes met Sonia’s angry expression. At that moment, his eyes also landed on her feet up in the air and it instantly dawned upon him. She had kicked him out of the bed!

As for the reason, it was definitely because she thought that he hadn’t kept his promise and went under her blanket.

Toby chuckled lightly and took his hand off his temples. Then, he got up from the ground and took a seat by the edge of the bed. He shifted his body sideways and kept his eyes on her as he intentionally asked, “What’s wrong? Why are you so angry so early in the morning?”

“How dare you have the nerve to ask me what’s wrong?!” Sonia glared at him. “Toby Fuller, you didn’t keep your promise!” She pointed a finger at him.

However, he pressed down on her finger as he questioned, “Why did you say that? I did keep my promise.”

“You came under my blanket, which means you didn’t keep your promise! How dare you say that you kept your word? You’re such a... such a...”

Sonia was angered beyond words.

However, he merely revealed a smile as he purred, “Oh? Did I get under your blanket? Are you sure?”

“How can I not be sure about that? I woke up this morning to see you sharing my blanket.” Sonia patted the bed as she spoke.

Meanwhile, Toby shook his index finger. “You’re wrong. To be more accurate, when you woke up this morning, the blanket that you saw was mine and not yours. That’s why, Sonia, I need to correct your words—I didn’t get under your blanket; rather, you snuggled into mine.”

“What?!” Sonia couldn’t help raising her tone upon hearing his words. “I snuggled into your blanket? Stop joking around, Toby. How can I possibly...”

Sonia didn’t get to finish her sentence. Suddenly, she recalled something and with her bright-red lips agape, she could no longer come up with the

remaining words.

That was because she had realized that Toby was right. Indeed, it seemed that she had actually gone under his blanket.

When Sonia had woken up earlier, she had noticed that the blanket covering her was blue and it was the one she had handed over to Toby the night before. It wasn’t her usual pink blanket.

As soon as she thought of this, she hurriedly glanced from left to right to search for her own blanket.

At that moment, there was no blanket to be found on the bed. Other than her sitting on it, there were just the bed sheets that could be seen.

Instantly, she glanced at the ground and she finally found her pink blanket on the floor by the side of her bed.

And so, she was very certain that it wasn’t him who had snuggled into her blanket, but she who had snuggled into his. Her entire face flushed bright red and she was extremely mortified.

As soon as Toby saw that, he chuckled lightly. “Have you realized now that I didn’t snuggle into your blanket?”

Meanwhile, Sonia lowered her head and remained silent, but he continued, “So I guess this doesn’t count as me breaking my promise then?”

“Stop asking questions that you already have the answer to!” Sonia glared at him.

“Alright, alright. I’ll stop asking.” Toby then chuckled again before he bent down to pick up the blanket on the ground. Subsequently, he made his way over to her side by walking past the foot of the bed and picking up her blanket too. “I’ll go out to call Tom to get us some breakfast. You should freshen up.”

Sonia grunted and nodded in response.

Subsequently, Toby opened the door and walked out of the room.

After he had walked out, Sonia grabbed the blanket and covered her head with it. She wrapped herself up with the blanket and groaned frustratedly.

This is so embarrassing’. How come I went under his blanket ?! She couldn’t quite comprehend the situation. Do I toss and turn so much in my sleep?

As she tried to figure out what was going on, there was a knock on the door and Toby’s voice rang out, “Sonia, what do you want for breakfast?”

Sonia poked her head out from the blanket resignedly and looked toward the doorway. Then, she replied quite weakly, “I’m fine with anything. You can decide.”

“How about seafood chowder?” Toby stood by the entrance and asked while holding onto his phone.


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