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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 105

Chapter 105 What Shall She Do 

"What an idiot!" Bennett ridiculed her mercilessly. 

However, his voice was magnetic and enchanting like fragrant wine. 

He stared at Catalina unblinkingly. 

His eyes seemed more passionate than just now. 

Catalina was annoyed by his mockery. 

She pouted her red cheeks and looked like an angry little dolphin in Bennett's eyes. 

"Yes, I'm an idiot, and I'm the stupidest in the world. I won't tie…" 

Catalina wanted to leave him alone, but before she finished her words, her red lips were pressed by his cold ones. 

The kiss took Catalina by surprise. 


Catalina got flustered and tried to push him away. 

When she raised her hands to his chest, Bennett gripped them with his big hands. 

"I dare you to push me away." 

He warned her. 

"You… No…" 

Bennett didn't give Catalina a chance to talk. 

He grabbed her and pulled her into his embrace. 

His arms wrapped her slender waist tightly like chains without giving her any chance to escape. 

What a tyrannical villain! 

Catalina could do nothing but bite her lips tightly, guarding the last defense line. 

Bennett got angry and bit her lips, releasing her. "Open your mouth." 

He ordered. 

His deep eyes turned red before Catalina knew it. 

He panted heavily. 

"No, I…" 

To Catalina's surprise, when she opened her mouth and spoke, Bennett quickly leaned forward and kissed her lips, sticking his tongue into her mouth overbearingly. He tasted the fragrance in her mouth and forced her to taste his eagerly. 

What a villain. 

He was unreasonable. 

"Mr. Shaffer…" 

Suddenly, the door was pushed open. 

Vincent sailed in anxiously without knocking on the door. 

When he entered the room and saw them kissing, he was taken aback. Following that, he hastily apologized, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to disturb you…" 

Catalina heard that and pushed Bennett away in panic. 

When she saw Vincent standing at the door, she got so embarrassed that she wished to disappear into thin air. 

Bennett turned around sulkily and glared at Vincent. "You'd better have something urgent to tell me, or you have to go to the Finance Department to pay a fine." 

"Mr. Shaffer, the convalescent hospital called and said Mr. Warren might wake up soon." 

Bennett shuddered in shock and released Catalina. "Really?" 

He strode up to Vincent and said eagerly, "Did the convalescent hospital say that? Did you hear it right?" 

"I'm sure I heard it right." 

"That's great!" 

Bennett gripped Vincent's shoulders forcefully as if trying to stifle his emotions. 

Despite his efforts, he looked excited. "That's great! My brother is going to wake up. I've been waiting for this day for so long." 

After Bennett spoke, he turned to stride away. 

Catalina quickly caught up with him. "Take me with you." 

Bennett paused. 

He seemed to notice her until this moment. 

He looked back at Catalina. 

Her eyes were red, and her chest heaved violently. She said, "Please. Let me see him. I want to see him…" 

There was a faint light in Bennett's deep eyes, which had a complicated look. 

He pressed his thin lips and said, "You wait for me here. Don't think of going anywhere. You can't go to see him either." 

"No, I have to go." 

Catalina grabbed Bennett's hand stubbornly. "Bennett, please…" 


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