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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 108

Chapter 108 It's Time for Him to Get Married

"No, she didn't."

Darnell shook his head.

"Did Bennett come?"

"Yes, he came."

"He left?"


Darnell feared Carolyn the most.

She looked quiet and unambitious, but she came from a distinguished family and used to be in charge of the Shaffer Group. If she hadn't been tough and ruthless, she wouldn't have done her job well.

Following that, Carolyn didn't say anything else and continued to pray quietly.

Darnell felt that she had known everything.

Or perhaps she had made a decision.

No one knew what her decision would be.

After praying for around ten minutes, Carolyn opened her eyes and said, "Since Warren has regained consciousness, let's move him back to Ink Villa."

Wesley nodded in agreement. "Okay, I'll ask the butler to make the arrangement."

Carolyn glanced at Warren, who lay quietly in bed, and said, "Warren is not young. It's time for him to get married."

Darnell said in surprise, "Get married? Now? Hasn't Warren woken up yet?"

"Didn't you say he would wake up soon?"

"But getting married is not a small thing. We should wait for Warren to wake up first, shouldn't we?"

Carolyn glanced at Darnell indifferently.

Darnell quickly lowered his head and apologized, "I'm sorry, Aunt Carolyn. I've spoken out of turn."

"It's okay. I know you mean well for Warren, but I care about him too. Don't worry. I won't act recklessly. As for his bride, you won't be disappointed."

"Yes, you've been thoughtful and considerate."

Carolyn didn't say anything else and turned to leave.

Wesley glanced at his son in the bed and sighed, leaving with his wife.

Darnell rubbed his chin in confusion.

He failed to understand why Carolyn was eager to get Warren married.

Warren hadn't woken up yet.

Moreover, who would be the bride chosen by Carolyn?

It couldn't be Catalina.

After all, that woman had betrayed Warren, who remained in a coma for four years because of her. Therefore, Darnell didn't think his aunt would arrange for Carolyn to marry Warren.

He thought it was a good idea.

In this way, Warren and Bennett didn't have to fight each other fiercely for Catalina.

"Warren, I think Bennett has fallen in love with Catalina. I don't understand that sometimes. What's so good about that girl? Why do you both love her so much?"

Darnell sat by the bed and propped his chin on his hands, talking to Warren earnestly.

"But then again, Catalina looks honest and behaves herself. She doesn't look like a slutty evil woman."

"But I can't figure out who the man was four years ago. Who was so bold to touch the woman of the Shaffer family? Why does Catalina stubbornly refuse to tell us who the man was?"

"Warren, Bennett has never given up looking for that man over the years. He thought someone plotted all this, but no one knew what this person wanted and who the person was behind all this. Even Bennett failed to get any useful information from years of investigation."

"If this person covets the Shaffer family, he should plot against Bennett, who's in charge of the Shaffer Group after all. Why did you fall victim in the end? I don't understand."

"No matter what, wake up, Warren. Bennet and I miss you a lot. I always remember we drank together before. Bennett and I fought, and you smiled at us. After we got drunk, we went to sleep, but you tidied up for us quietly and tucked us in, fearing we would catch a cold. Now Bennett and I drink often together, but we don't dare to get drunk because no one will clean up the mess for us. We miss you so much."


Catalina asked Mr. Tate for a leave of three days, saying she needed to interview Bennett.


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