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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 126

Chapter 126

Catalina didn't want Emery to worry about her, so she didn't explain much.

After moving to Seraphic Mansion, Catalina felt like she had been on a deserted island.

It was both unfamiliar and lonely.

Sometimes it even made it hard for her to breathe.

She wanted to escape, but she was trapped in a dense web with nowhere to go.

In the face of the cruel shackles of life that she couldn't break free from, should she consider accepting it all and slowly learning to enjoy it?

Should she slowly convert all the pressure and control into a genuine desire, embracing it willingly and accepting it wholeheartedly?

As Catalina looked at Warren, lying in bed with a thin face, her eyes became wet.

"I'm sorry, Warren..."

This was the first time in four years that Catalina apologized to Warren in person.

After the incident four years ago, she had always wanted to apologize to Warren in person, but the Shaffer family never allowed her to approach him.

So, this ''I'm sorry'' was four years late.

"I know that no matter how often I say 'I'm sorry,' it won't redeem my guilt. It's just to make myself feel better..."

"Warren, from now on, I am your fiancée."

From then on, she would eliminate all the people she shouldn't think about from her mind and heart.

She couldn't let the tragedy of four years ago happen again.

Catalina held Warren's skinny hand, saying, "Warren, I promise I will try my best to forget him, although it may be very difficult for me. But I will try."

Forget Bennett and no longer love him.

For Catalina, it might be as difficult as removing bones and cutting flesh.

After all, that person, that face, and everything about him had been imprinted on her heart since childhood.

Now, in order to forget, she could only use a knife to cut out that piece of flesh from her heart.

After signing the "promise" with Warren, Catalina went to the countryside.

She went to visit her grandmother.

Her grandmother had been discharged from the hospital and was gradually improving.

Catalina was rummaging through some old items in her room's drawer when she heard Maggie asking at the door, "Why didn't Bennett come with you this time?"

Catalina stopped rummaging.

Her face stiffened for a moment, but quickly, she put on a smile and said, "Grandma, don't worry about him any more. He went abroad, and it would probably be a long time before he came back."

What Catalina said was actually true.

Bennett had indeed gone abroad.

He had gone to England.

He left after the engagement that day and hadn't returned.

Emery told her about his itinerary.

She didn't want to know about it.

"Gone abroad again?"

Maggie frowned, "Bennett is really busy with work."

"Of course, just look at how big his company is. How can us ordinary people compare? Right, Lina?" Catalina's aunt chimed in from inside the hall.

Catalina only smiled and didn't respond.

How capable he was had nothing to do with her any more.

Maggie sighed, "Being so busy and separated for a long time is not the solution. It not only affects the couple's harmony, but also is hard to have children."



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