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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Bennett Teaches Catalina How to Tie

The sudden intimacy brought a sudden flush to Catalina's small face.

She suddenly thought of the night when they had slept together. She flurried and released her hands from his shoulders, showing a look of trying to escape.

However, she loosened her hands too fast, and she was off balance. As a result, Catalina shook like a tumbler on the bed.

Bennett, however, was quick of eye and hand. He wrapped his arm around her waist and hugged her.

"You're not only short but also stupid!"


Catalina was extremely upset.

Leaning against his hot chest, Catalina felt that even her breathing became hectic. "I'm not short, okay? It's you that are too much beyond the height range of normal people."

Catalina rebutted him with indignation. Meanwhile, she quietly tried to withdraw from Bennett's arms.

However, Bennett didn't let go.

Seeing her in such a dilemma, he felt that she was a little cute. He was slightly tempted and ordered in a hoarse voice, "Stop rambling and tie for me quickly."

Catalina couldn't break free from him, so she could only lower her head and force herself to calm down and focused on wearing a tie for him.

The reality, however, was always against her wishes.

Bennett's aura was too strong to be ignored.

And the grinding heat in his chest also burned her inch by inch and made her mind a mess.

As a result, her movements became more and more clumsy.

Bennett was never a patient man. Seeing Catalina's movements getting messier and messier, he frowned and asked her, "What are you doing?"

Catalina was aggrieved. "...I've told you I'm not good at it."

Bennett's jaw tightened, and his face clouded. "Wrap this side around from above."


Catalina did it obediently.

"Wrap around this side again." Bennett was teaching her.

Catalina nervously did as he said.

"Now wrap around from below."

Catalina did so.

She felt that it was really complicated.

"Wrap around the top and put the end through the knot."


Catalina carefully followed his instructions one by one.

Bennett's eyes wandered uncontrollably from the tie to the woman close at hand.

Since it was hard for Catalina to learn, her beautiful eyebrows furrowed tightly, her big eyes were fixed on the work in hand, and her fair teeth nibbled at her lower lip, looking like she was seriously thinking about the next step.

Her fair cheeks were tinged with a blush of shyness, like ripe, sweet, juicy peaches.

She was also permeated with a faint fragrance, fresh and pleasant.

Bennett's body suddenly tensed up with uneasiness.


His Adam's apple moved, and he called Catalina's name in a hoarse voice.


Catalina gave a perfunctory answer without raising her head.

Her mind was on the tie in her hands all the time.

Bennett didn't like the feeling of being ignored.

He stretched out his big hand, covered her head from top to bottom, and forcibly lifted her up.

Catalina was forced to look up. She glared at him a little angrily. "What are you doing?"

His palm, like the hoist of a crane, tightly clasped her head.

Catalina tilted her head and tried to break free, but she failed no matter how hard she tried.

"Did you lose your mind today? Or did you get your brain enlightened after being hit that day?"

"You are the one losing your mind!"

Hearing this, Catalina thought, "What's wrong with this guy?

He had just said I was stupid, but now he said in some way that I was clever.

Isn't he slapping himself in the face?"

"Suddenly, you behaved like a domestic pet and knew how to please me."

Catalina didn't speak.

She felt a little guilty.

"You must be up to something."


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