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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 35

Chapter 35 Catalina's Girlish Mind

However, Bennett noticed that very quickly and tightly clasped Catalina's small hand that wanted to escape.

Meanwhile, he gave her a sharp glance.

Seeing that, Catalina finally reacted.

She thought, "I almost gave myself away just now.

Thanks to Bennett, nothing happened."

Bennett firmly held her small hand, as if afraid that she would run away. "Grandma, please don't worry. I will take good care of her."

After saying that, he turned to stare at Catalina with burning eyes, as if to ignite her. "For a lifetime."

Catalina's heart seemed to have been pierced by something sharp, and it made her wince violently in pain.

She thought, "For a lifetime...

These words are so familiar.

I still remember that when we were kids, the boy in white stood under a century-old locust tree in full blossoms, looked up, and asked me behind him, 'How long will you be with me?'

I, who was naive back then, looked up at the locust blossoms in the air and chuckled, 'As long as you don't drive me away, I'll be with you for a lifetime!'

The boy also chuckled with his head still high, 'OK, then let's be together for a lifetime.'

I can still remember that scene...

In the golden sunshine, the locust flowers fell in profusion and sprinkled on the boy's face.

It was the first time I had seen him smile. It was more dazzling than the sun and more beautiful than the locust flowers."

As distant memories overlapped with reality, tears almost ran out of Catalina's eyes.

She sneered in her heart, "For a lifetime. What a sweet promise.

Unfortunately, there has never been a so-called lifetime between me and Bennett!

My lifetime promise to him back then was a dream.

And now, his lifetime promise to me is just a play."

Bennett's promise made Maggie very happy. She held their hands and said with delight, "In fact, when you were kids, I already saw that you two had some feelings for each other."

Neither Catalina nor Bennett spoke.

Catalina felt that a pair of burning eyes were fixed upon her from above.

Catalina blushed and tried to explain, "Grandma, we were just little kids at that time, and we didn't understand these things at all."

"I also remember that you two wrote exchange diaries back then. You even hid the diary secretly after I found it!" Maggie exposed Catalina's girlish mind.

"Exchange diaries?"

Bennett was shocked and looked at Catalina. "Did we do that before?"

He was very surprised because, as the party of this matter, he didn't know that at all.

"No, there is no such thing..."

Catalina waved her hands hastily, her face flushed with nervousness and guilt. "Grandma remembered it wrong, really!"

After saying that, she continued in her heart, "In fact, Grandma did not remember it wrong.

After I received Bennett's diary, I secretly wrote in his diary about my daily activities and girlish thoughts of missing him.

However, I have only dared to read the diary myself. I never dared to give it to him.

If he finds out, I'll definitely be humiliated by him harshly!"

"All right, I remember it wrong. Look at my muddled head. Maybe it's your cousin's exchange diary with his little girlfriend!"

Maggie had lived a long time, so she naturally knew how to take cues from others, especially from her granddaughter, Catalina.

Catalina sighed heavily with relief, "See? As I said, Grandma remembered it wrong. If I really wrote the exchange diary, how could you not know?"

Catalina did not know whether Bennett believed it or not. Anyway, he didn't ask about that any further.

"Perhaps, in his view, it doesn't matter whether there is an exchange diary!" she thought.



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