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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 38

Chapter 38 Feeding Mr. Shaffer Raviolis 

Catalina's small face was red enough to drip blood at any time. 

But she couldn't help glancing at him secretly. 

Busy medicating Catalina, Bennett was concentrated with cold thin lips tightened, without saying a word. 

Catalina was quite nervous. 

She never thought that Bennett would medicate her by himself. 

For Catalina, only in her dream did such a scene exist. Hardly could it happen in reality. 


Bennett's words pulled her back to reality. 

"Thank you." 

Catalina thanked him bashfully, and she retreated her leg from him immediately. 

The blush on her face spread to the neck. 

Bennett, however, always looked indifferent. He threw the cotton into the bin nearby, and stood up, "Never mind, I'm not here to help you. I just don't want you to stain my carpet again. After all, you cannot afford it even though you sell yourself." 

He said and went to the bathroom. 

Catalina knew that he must have gone to wash and disinfect his hands again. 

Taking advantage of his absence, Catalina brought in the ravioli she had left on the desk at the entrance. 

Bennett came out of the bathroom, having taken the sunglasses off. 

Seeing the ravioli on the jade coffee table, he frowned. While knowing the answer, he still asked, "What is this?" 

"Ravioli. Thank you for helping me last time. My grandmother is in a good mood every day. ” 

"Bring it out." 

Bennett sat down on the single sofa nearby and picked up the negotiation book again. Then he glanced at Catalina and said indifferently, "You get out, too." 

Catalina pouted, "You really quit ravioli? But I remember you liked it very much." 

"That was long ago, you know." 

Bennett's expression became even colder, and his eyes fell on the book indifferently, "Lacking in knowledge and experience in the past, I thought it was the best delicacies in the world. But later, being of wide experience, I found that I was particularly ridiculous." 

Catalina couldn’t understand. 

How could it be ridiculous for a person to like ravioli? 

She felt that Bennett's meant more than that. 

But what did he mean? 

Catalina couldn't figure it out. 

"Why it is ridiculous?" 

Catalina had no idea what he meant, but at least, apparently she couldn't agree with this point of view, "I also like ravioli. Although it is indeed very cheap for you, I like it very much." 

Catalina picked up the bowl of savory ravioli. She spooned it up, eating with satisfaction. 

Raising her lips, she grinned contentedly, "You see, it's not ridiculous at all." 

Bennett looked at the girl in front of him, with his heart beating. 

She smiled innocently and contentedly. Her big eyes seemed to be filled with stars. 

Such kind of girl overlapped with the naÏve and ignorant girl in his memory. 

At that time, she was so simple and content, and she would be pleased with only ravioli and a candy. 

Bennett's deep eyes were filled with a layer of complication. 

He dropped the book in his hand, "Did I allow you to eat?" 

Hearing this, Catalina's eyes widened. She almost choked on the ravioli she just bit off. 

She hastily chewed and swallowed, "You said you didn't want to eat." 

"When did I say I don't want to eat?" 

"Didn't you just..." 

Before finishing her words, Catalina suddenly realized that he really didn't say that, but... 


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