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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 42

Chapter 42 Do You Like Me

Bennett stared at her steadfastly, "Put it down. I am not that patient."

Catalina shook her head and moved her head back a little. Her eyes turned red with the grievance, "Why do you insist on kissing me? Do you like me?"

Bennett pursed his lips tightly and he didn't speak a word. His gaze fixed on her firmly.

Catalina looked serious and said, "Don't you know that kissing is something to do between lovers? Bennett, I don't like kissing a man that I don't like. Please respect me!"

As soon as Catalina finished talking, Bennett's amber-colored eyes under the glasses looked frosty.

He moved away Catalina's arm which was in front of his lips rudely. Then, he grabbed her chin with the other hand, bent down, and kissed her lips forcefully.

He didn't give her any room to escape.


That wasn't a kiss.

He was biting and gnawing her lips. It seemed to be a punishment!

That was painful!

Catalina's eyes filled with tears due to pain and she started to struggle in his arms.

But the more she struggled, the more ferocious he became.

His chest heaved violently with rage.

Bennett slowly backed away from Catalina's lips until he heard her sobbing in his arms.

There were some blood drops on their lips.

There were tears in her eyes. She was so aggrieved.

Was it really that uncomfortable to be kissed by him?

Was it that uncomfortable till she had to cry?

Bennett wiped away the blood on his lips and sneered, "It turns out that two people who aren't in love can kiss too. Do you know why? It's physiology! So, next time, don't ask me such a stupid question as whether I like you or not. The only answer for it will be it is impossible for this life!"

After Bennett finished speaking, he pushed Catalina in his arms away without any mercy. He got up and left indifferently.

Leaving Catalina sitting on the ground, full of grievances.

And, the bowl of ravioli on the table.

Tears poured out of her eyes involuntarily, she quickly wiped them away, sniffed, and stood up.

"Bastard!" she cursed.

Looking at the steaming bowl of ravioli, the grievance became even stronger, "He was the one who asked for it. But he doesn't eat it at all..."

She was sobbing while sitting down at the table.

She took the spoon from the bowl and didn't care whether Bennett had used it just now. Then, she took one bite at a time and started to cry while she was eating.

The soup soaked into the wound and she was shivering in pain.


He gained pleasure in bullying her!

But he didn't know that kind of bullying would only make her sink deeper and deeper into the wrong perception...

Catalina, no!

That man was something you would never be able to play up to.

Furthermore, he just said that he would never fall in love with you in this life.

That was only your wishful thinking!

Catalina stuffed two big ravioli into her mouth in one gulp.

She thought that eating could make her feel happy.

But why were there more and more tears gathering in her eyes?


Since then, Catalina and Bennett had become strangers.

Even though they lived under the same roof, they were like two parallel lines with no intersecting point.

That was good.

Catalina felt that keeping a distance like that was more conducive to her protecting herself.

Just endured it!

She wanted to stay quiet until the day he came to ask her to sign the divorce agreement.

Catalina went to work every day as usual.

One day.

When Catalina arrived at the office, she saw Emery lying in her cubicle, looking down and listless.

"What's wrong? Are you feeling unwell?"

Catalina put down her backpack, unwrapped the candy, and put it into her mouth. She asked Emery who was next to her.

Emery raised her head, with a sad expression on her face, and said "Lina, my husband cheated..."


Catalina was taken aback and unable to react.

Her husband? Wasn't that...


Emery pointed to the cover of the magazine in her hand.

As expected, there was Bennett's handsome and perfect face on the cover.


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