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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Leave Her to Ben

It was her first time to stay in Sophora Villa. Catalina felt quite uncomfortable.

Lying on the big and soft round bed, she could hardly fall asleep. She felt uneasy and couldn't calm herself down.

When she finally got sleepy, it was almost dawn.

She got up and washed up.

She opened the door. Two servants in maid uniforms were standing outside, "Good morning, Mrs. Shaffer!"

Catalina soon was totally awake, "Good morning."

The maid on the left smiled and said, "Breakfast is ready for you. It was your first time to be here. The chiefs don't know what you like. So they prepared different kinds of breakfast from four countries for you."


It was a bit exaggerated.

The maid on the right smiled and said, "Ralph has asked us to show you around after breakfast, helping you to be familiar with here. So you won't get lost."


It was really exaggerated!

Catalina tried to put on a standard smile, "I'm very grateful to you for your hard work, but I hope my breakfast will be simple in the future. Milk and churros are enough. And let's choose another day to get familiar with this place. I'm gonna be late for work."

While saying this, Catalina walked along a long corridor, went through an antique wooden bridge to the front hall, tying up her hair.

The two maids put their hands in front and followed Catalina with their heads down. "Mrs. Shaffer, we have private stylists. Do you want her to come to the front hall?"


"Mrs. Shaffer, do you need a driver to take you to work?"


"Mrs. Shaffer, do you..."

"Thank you, no."


After dealing with the maids all morning, Catalina finally went out.

After getting on the bus to the company, she took a long breath of relief and realized that it was not easy to live a rich life.

Catalina worked in a famous magazine company. She was an intern reporter for people's livelihood.

"How are you so late?"

When Catalina just entered the room, Emery, a colleague in the next room came in.

"There was something to deal with."

Catalina replied simply.

"Check the email now. The questions for our internship assessment were announced." Emery reminded her.

Hearing this, Catalina put away her bag and soon opened her computer.

Emery bit the pen and said, "We're in the same group for the internship assessment. Having you as my partner, I thought it was easy to pass the assessment. But when I saw the task, I know we're both done."


Catalina stared at the computer and carefully read the email. She took a candy from the box and put it into her mouth.

It was apple flavor as usual.

"Don't you see? We have the most difficult task. Their tasks are to investigate the environmental protection or food safety issues. But our task is to investigate the drug abuse and prostitution in Heaven. Isn't that too difficult for us?"

Catalina took paper and pen, began to take notes and replied, "It's difficult. But their tasks are not easy too. It's no use to complain here. Let's just try our best."

"It's easy to say that. How to do it?"

Emery put her chin on the tip of his pen in frustration.

With drooping eyelids, she said, "Do you know where Heaven is? We don't even have the qualification to get in. Even if we are lucky enough to get in. We might have no chance to get out safe and sound."

"Come on! Don't say bad words." Catalina frowned and thought carefully for a while. "There will always be a way."

Suddenly, her eyes lit up, and she smiled, "I have an idea!"



Half a month later, Catalina finally persuaded Ralph to let her appear in Heaven as a new employee.

This was the most prestigious club in Sayton. It was the gathering place of the rich and noble, and naturally a place where ordinary people would not come.

Catalina stood in front of the gate of the club, repeatedly taking deep breath.

In front of her, her pretty face was clearly reflected on the gilded door.

She wore a sexy short white shirt and a pleated hip-length skirt.

The clothes were tight, as if they were specially made for her, making her exquisite figure more charming and attractive.

There was a layer of crimson rouge appeared on her face.

She didn't expected that the manager would let her dress like this to serve the customers.

It was alright to wear ordinary clothes. But this was too,,,

Catalina felt embarrassed. She pulled the short skirt and the manager glanced at her, "Be smart. Do you know who those customers are? They are all young men from noble families in Sayton. One of them is the one that you and I will never have a chance to chat with."

Catalina raised her eyebrows and said nothing.

She thought that she had married the young master of the Shaffer family. Did she need to know other young men?

"It was Mr. Wyatt who wanted to have something new. Otherwise, you'll not have the chance to be here."

"Okay, okay..."

Catalina tried to act obediently.

If it weren't for the news, she wouldn't do such dirty business!

After exhorting, the manager went forward and knocked the door politely and asked respectfully, "Mr. Wyatt, she's here. Do you want to see her now?"

They waited outside for a while. Then a lazy voice came out, "Let her in."

"Yes, sir."

The manager soon swiped her card, opened the door, and let Catalina go in.

Catalina stood outside and stayed still. She dared not move.

The manager pushed her impatiently, "Do what you should do. Satisfy Mr. Wyatt. He'll give you rewards."

Being pushed by the manager, Catalina stumbled into the villa.

Thanks to her good balance, she didn't fall down.

"Darnell, she's here! It's a little girl!"

Someone said.

The man called "Darnell" was playing archery games with others.


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