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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Learn to Write Love Letters

"Dear Bennett, my name is Arely Kirk. I am a senior in Class Two Grade twelve. I really like you so much because you are so handsome..."

"My dearest Bennett, my name is Lydia Gould, and I am in Class Five Grade Ten. I know that many people write love letters to you every day, but, I promise, I must be the one who loves you the most..."

"Dear Ben, please allow me to express my current mood for you with a poem. The waves of spring water leave a mark on my heart, but I don't know if you're sensitive in your character. You can feel the fake frosty look in my admiring eyes, but love is actually passionate. I often wait with hope... I wait for your accidental favor and words. Maybe you see a pure heart in my diary because I record your breathing and every casual encounter..."

Catalina read aloud intently while walking.

Unexpectedly, Catalina actually found a bit of resonance in this poem.

But suddenly...

There was a bang.

Catalina bumped her forehead against someone heavily.

She looked up and saw Bennett's thin back.

Catalina flushed with embarrassment and then quickly took a few steps back in fright.

Bennett sat on the bicycle on tiptoe, twisting his head and staring at Catalina with sparkling eyes.

"Sorry, I'm sorry..."

Catalina apologized with flushed cheeks.

Catalina was too focused on reading just now, so she didn't pay attention to Bennett who had stopped in front of her.

"That love poem just now..."


"Copy it for me!"


Catalina blinked and couldn't help asking tentatively, "Do you like this girl?"

Bennett stared into Catalina's eyes and cursed, "Idiot!"

Catalina was speechless.

She didn't know what mistake she had made.

Bennett rode the bicycle and went forward again.

But, after a few seconds, Bennett stopped again.

Bennett twisted half of his body and looked back at Catalina behind him. He asked, "You've read thousands of these love letters, right?"

Catalina shook her head in confusion and replied, "More than that."

"Have you learned?"


Catalina was confused.

Looking at Bennett again, Catalina found that he had already left on his bike...

The hem of Bennett's white shirt blew.

At that moment, Catalina clearly smelled the fragrance of flowers and plants in the air, like the smell of love...

It would be nice if time could start all over again or go back.

Would Catalina have plucked up the courage at that time? Would she tell Bennett loudly that he could see a pure heart in her diary, which recorded his breathing and every casual encounter with him?



While walking, Catalina suddenly heard someone calling her behind her, which pulled her thoughts back abruptly.

Catalina's arm was grasped by someone.

"Is it really you?"

Catalina wondered who it was.

She twisted her neck stiffly.

She didn't expect that it would be Aaron.

Catalina didn't know why Aaron always pestered her.

Catalina frowned.

"Lina, what are you doing on this road alone? You seemed to be very upset. Is something wrong?" Aaron asked worriedly.

Catalina pushed his hand away and replied, "It has nothing to do with you."


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