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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Who Is Your Husband

Catalina couldn't help but turn her head to look at Bennett, who was standing beside them, after hearing Darnell's question.

The fact that she wished that Bennett would help her surprised her.

No matter what, she was legally his wife.

Bennett was not in a hurry to respond.

Instead, he reached over to his cigarette case on the nightstand and lit a cigarette.

His sculpture-like handsome face was blurred by the white smoke that filled his thin, sensual lips.

He had just woken up, which explained why his hair was messy, and his eyes were drowsy. Despite all of that, he still managed to maintain an air of self-assurance and dignity. An air of cool disinterest emanated from him no matter what he did.


He said calmly, his face expressionless.

His amber-colored eyes, which were hidden behind his glasses, showed no emotion.

Catalina already knew he would say that.

However, she still felt as if her heart was sinking into hell.

"Great! I'm gonna teach this chick a lesson!"

Darnell grabbed Catalina and threw her onto the bed.

Without wasting a second, he climbed on top of her. He laughed like a winner as he pointed to her nose. "I'm going to take your skin off right now! I'll hang you from that tree outside and put on a show for the passersby. Let's see who will make it to the front page tomorrow."

As Darnell was about to put his hands on her, she yelled, "No!"

She wrapped her arms around herself as a form of self-defense against his assault.

Catalina was well aware that she needed to find a quick solution.

She realized she couldn't rely on Bennett to save her and that she was the only one who could save herself.

When Darnell was about to touch her body, she knew that keeping herself safe was the most important thing. She shut her eyes and yelled, "Help me! My husband!"

At that precise moment, a man's blazer flew at her and struck her in the head.

She saw nothing but pitch darkness.

A pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist from behind without giving her time to react. A man dragged her off the bed like a garbage bag as soon as he could.

Her back smacked hard against that man's muscular chest, making her fall into his arms.

Catalina was utterly taken aback.

Darnell was sitting on his knees on the bed, unable to believe that she could escape, and he was just as perplexed as she was.

Darnell and Catalina had met when they were young because he was Bennett's aunt's son, but they hadn't seen each other since he left the country.

Catalina had actually recognized him just now.

Darnell's cocky demeanor remained unchanged from when he was a child, even after ten years had passed.

"What are you doing, Ben?"

Darnell sat on his knees on the bed, suspiciously looking at Bennett. His cousin appeared solemn, with Catalina tightly clutched in his arms.

"What's going on? But I thought you mean you weren't interested in her." Darnell thought to himself.

Catalina had no idea what was happening because her head was covered by a jacket.

She was aware of the man's firm, warm chest against her back at the time, as if they were very intimate. She could even feel his chest move as he breathed, and the sensation burned her back inch by inch, straight to her heart.

Catalina's heart pounded like a drum in the darkness.


Darnell jumped off the bed and quickly stepped in front of Catalina after suddenly realizing something. He asked, "What did you just say? Your husband?"

Catalina's face was flushed with shyness as Darnell removed the blazer from her head.

Darnell froze for a moment before gulping. He said, pointing to the tip of her adorable nose, "Do you mean I'm your husband? Just because you say something nice doesn't mean I'll let you off the hook."

Darnell was so naive that he thought Catalina called him her "husband".


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