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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 90

Chapter 90 Darnell's Mockery

Felix continued, "Since the news of our last visit to Starham Mountain was released, the real conditions in that area have attracted the attention of the public. Many volunteers have entered the mountain with material donations, and the suspension bridge is being rebuilt. This time, protective ropes have been specially added, making it safer for children to go to school. Our colleagues in the editorial department have contributed greatly to this result, especially the members of the group who entered Starham Mountain. Hereby praise. Give them some applause, guys!"

Everyone applauded immediately.

Thunderous applause resounded in the office.

"The second good news is about the rewards. Firstly, for colleagues who entered Starham Mountain, your salary this month will be increased by 20% as a reward!"

"Wow!! Thank you, Mr. Tate!"

The crowd shouted and cheered.

The applause was continuous.

"Lina, Lina, we have a salary increase this month!"

Emery was so excited that she hit Catalina with her elbow.

Catalina finally revealed a light smile. "I heard it."

"Mr. Tate, if there is a first reward, do we still have a second reward?" a colleague asked loudly.

"You are really smart! This second reward was personally approved by Mr. Wyatt. To reward us for our hard work, he specially rented a camping site in the suburbs for our editorial department. Therefore, we will start our holiday this afternoon and come back to work the day after tomorrow. We will stay at the camping site tonight, and this reward is only for our editorial department."

"I love Mr. Wyatt! He is the most handsome and manly man in the world!"

The crowd started to flatter Darnell.

Catalina didn't expect that Darnell, as a pampered young master, would be so considerate of his employees.

"Besides, Mr. Wyatt will be the leader of our camping trip. Isn't that the biggest surprise?"


The girls were all overjoyed.

"Mr. Tate, can I go home and change my clothes?"

"Me too! Me too! I want to go home and take a shower."

"Me too. If I knew I was going camping with Mr. Wyatt, I wouldn't have worn such an old-fashioned outfit."

"Well, you do look like a middle-aged woman in this old-fashioned outfit."


The crowd burst into laughter.

"Alright, Alright. Our third surprise is that this month's most outstanding employee is also in our editorial department, and the protagonist will be announced tonight during the camping trip. Let it be a surprise for now."

"Wow! Mr. Tate, you are exceptionally handsome today, just like a sparkling star!"

"Alright, stop the flattery. That doesn't work for me. Go back to work, and we will set off at 2 p. m."


Since Felix announced such good news, all colleagues had been disinterested in their work. The girls were all huddled in their positions, putting on makeup for themselves. Even Emery, who had always been infatuated with Bennett, had begun dressing herself up.

"Why are you putting on makeup as well?"

Catalina couldn't help teasing Emery.

Emery was putting on her eye shadow, and when she heard that, she looked up from the mirror and glanced at Catalina. "I can't give up the whole forest just because of one tree, can I? Besides, this tree is yours."

Catalina fell silent.

She knew that the tree Emery talked about was referring to Bennett.

She turned back and said, "This tree has never been mine."


Emery paused for a moment and glanced at her again. "You have been really frustrated lately. What about turning to another tree today? I think Mr. Wyatt is actually quite good. Look, he is handsome, tall, and wealthy. Besides, he has quite an outstanding temperament, right?"

"Do you want me to get killed?"

Emery was speechless.

At two o'clock in the afternoon, a middle-sized bus arrived at the company gate on time.

Everyone in the editorial department got on the bus orderly, amidst the envious and jealous gazes of colleagues in other departments.

Catalina and Emery picked a row of double seats by the door and sat down.


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