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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 97

Chapter 97 Mrs. Shaffer Is to Interview You

Catalina felt a little anxious waiting for Vincent's reply.

Though she didn't want to admit it, while working on writing news reports, she looked at the digital clock at the bottom of her computer screen at least ten times.

She didn't know when Bennett would end the meeting.

Meanwhile, after Vincent finished his call, he returned to the meeting room. Shortly after, the meeting was over.

"Mr. Shaffer, here are the meeting minutes."

Vincent respectfully placed the minutes on Bennett's desk.

Bennett didn't even look up, his mind completely set on the approval document in his hand.

Standing next to him, Vincent was eager to ask about the interview with Catalina, but he didn't dare to.

Everyone knew that mentioning Mrs. Shaffer in front of Bennett was like igniting a bomb.

And the consequence would be deadly.

Whoever mentioned her would be severely punished.

"Anything else?"

Bennett was still looking down at these materials.

"Yes, but..."

"Spit it out."

"Well, Mr. Shaffer, I...I'm not quite sure if I should bring this up.

Bennett glanced at him with an impatient expression.

Vincent immediately gave in and said, "I’ll tell you everything. Mr. Shaffer, there is an influential publishing house that wants to interview you."

"I've said it many times before. I won't accept any media interviews. Are you new here? Why are you still bothering me with this kind of question now?"

"I know, Mr. Shaffer, but this media outlet is quite special, and I didn't dare to make a decision without consulting you."

Bennett frowned and asked, "Which one?"

"It's Sayton Newspaper run by Mr. Wyatt's, and...Mrs. Shaffer has invited you to contribute in person."


Hearing this, Bennett's hand that was reviewing and approving the document slightly paused.

He furrowed his brow.

Thinking back to that night in the container room, Bennett with twinkles in his eyes couldn't help but recall that stubborn little girl.

But he didn’t realize the smile in his eyes.

"I won't go."

He refused.

His face turned serious again.


Vincent didn’t dare to persuade him and had to nod reluctantly, saying, "Mr. Shaffer, then if there's nothing else, I'll go out and attend to my work."


Vincent felt a great sense of relief and quickly walked out.


Bennett called out to him before Vincent could even reach the door.

Vincent paused and turned back, asking, "Yes, Mr. Shaffer?"

Still staring at the document in front of him, Bennett asked, "What did she say?"

Vincent told him everything he knew, "Mrs. Shaffer only mentioned the interview."

Bennett's face looked grim and said, "I see. You can leave now."


Vincent hurriedly left the room.

Once Vincent left, Bennett tossed the document aside.

He couldn’t focus on work anymore.

With eyebrows furrowed and lips pursed, he fold his hands together and remained silent, seemingly pondering something.

After leaving the President's Office, Vincent immediately called Catalina.

"Mrs. Shaffer, I'm so sorry. Mr. Shaffer..."

"He didn't agree, did he?"

Catalina already knew the answer and said, "It's okay. I knew he wouldn't agree. I was prepared for this."

Catalina sounded surprisingly calm.

Although she had prepared herself for this outcome, she couldn't help but feel a little disappointed.

"Mrs. Shaffer, even though Mr. Shaffer disagrees now, it doesn't mean he won't agree in the future, right? As long as we're persistent, nothing g is impossible!"

Vincent hoped that these two could get back together soon.


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