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Married to a Secret Billionaire novel Chapter 106

Chapter 106 Learning to Dance with Wolves

Stella tilted her head, a hint of indifference passing over her charming face.

"I decided to refuse."

She said without hesitation.

Her answer caught Noah off guard.

But he wanted to hear what she was thinking.

"I grew up in an abnormal family." Stella leaned against him and began to speak softly, "My father never cared about me, my mother was mentally unstable, and I had to take care of my younger brother. On top of that, I had to endure the bullying and humiliation from Madison and Amelia. I really don't know what the Taylor family has given me."

"This family has never given me warmth, and now I don't have to serve the Taylor Group." She looked up at him. "I am already your wife, Mrs. Anderson, and I have no connection with the Taylor family anymore. Furthermore, my father wants me to go back for impure reasons, and I don't want to be used as a pawn by him."

"Darling..." Her hands wrapped around his waist. "I just want the two of us to live a good life, and I don't want anything else."

Noah gently stroked her back.

Although he couldn't fully understand, he knew what kind of psychological impact a child would have by growing up in an abnormal family.

The Martinez family was wealthy and glamorous on the surface, but it was far from normal, even more twisted and dark.

He didn't want her to suffer, but she had to learn to dance with wolves. It was the law of survival.

"Stella," he sighed lightly and lowered his voice to say, "Actually, I don't agree with that."


"I understand that you don't want any contact with the Taylor family, but your connection with them can't be changed in this lifetime. Blood ties are a fact that can't disappear just because you don't want them."

Stella's bright eyes suddenly dimmed.

"Have you ever thought about your mother?"

Her expression changed, and she bit her lip.

Noah's rough fingers gently caressed her cheek, his gaze deep and focused.

"You said that back then, it was Henry who forced your mother to give birth to you, which led to your mother's current mental instability and her need to live in a mental rehabilitation center. All of this was caused by Henry!"

"But it's been too long, and your mother's suffering can't be held accountable. However, you still have the blood of the Taylor family in you, and that is an unchangeable fact."

"What you can do now is to reclaim what you deserve... You need to fight for justice for your mother!"

Stella stared at him in a daze, her expression complex and somewhat shocked.

No one had ever said these words to her, and she had never thought about it.

She had always lived in her own joys and sorrows, forgetting the suffering her mother had endured...

Her eyes welled up with tears, and she timidly leaned against his embrace - it had become a habit for her. Whenever her emotions fluctuated, she would nestle into his arms. His warm and solid chest was her best refuge, giving her unparalleled security.

"Darling." She asked softly, "Do I... have to fight Amelia for the family inheritance?"

"The inheritance is not the goal." He said lightly, "Your goal is to teach those who have harmed you a lesson."

Stella remained silent for a while. Then she firmly looked up at him and nodded vigorously. "Yes, I understand!"

Noah was stunned.

But the gleam in Stella's eyes told him that she knew how to handle this matter now.

He looked at her tenderly, his face showing approval. She was intelligent, insightful, and strong, with a soft yet powerful heart, unwavering determination, and a kind nature that didn't lose its sharpness.

The old lady was right. A woman like her was destined to be a queen.


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