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Married to a Secret Billionaire novel Chapter 108

Chapter 108 Just a Pawn.

Sure enough, Henry, standing on the stairs, stopped in his tracks, his face becoming even more sinister.

The secretary wanted to intervene, but he stopped her with a gesture.

He wanted to hear what his two daughters would say!

"Amelia." Stella said neither quickly nor slowly, "Do you not know the reason why I got married? If it weren't for Dad favoring you and caring for you, how could the person who got married be me?"

"It is not appropriate to discuss family matters at the company. I think you should stop here."

Saying that, Stella was about to walk past Amelia and enter the elevator, but Amelia rushed forward in a single step.

"What's wrong? Afraid to argue with me now?" Amelia said unreasonably, "Where is your ability? Where is your silver tongue? Huh, you dare not speak now? You b*tch, stop pretending to be weak!"

Stella just wanted her to stir up trouble!

She glanced at Amelia sideways and suddenly sneered. "Amelia, what ability do I have? Dad dotes on you, and in the future, he will hand the entire company over to you. I'm just here to help you and pave the way for your future."

"Cut out the banana oil! Who knows what tricks you're playing?"

"I am truly serving you."

The more Amelia pushed, the more Stella retreated to achieve her goal. "I am nothing in the Taylor family. Amelia, you are the only heiress. I dare not compete with you!"

"Who said she is the only heiress of the Taylor family?"

A furious roar pierced through, and the hall instantly fell silent. Everyone stared in astonishment at the man who spoke.

Henry's face was heavier than his footsteps. As he descended to the last step, he glared at Amelia with disappointment and stood beside Stella.

"Stella." His voice was deep. "You must remember that you also bear the surname Taylor. You're also my daughter."

Stella remained silent, while Amelia immediately glared angrily.


"Dad." Stella said lightly, "I never thought about competing for anything, nor do I dare to compete with Amelia. I know that you have high expectations of her..."

"With her like this?" Henry's anger was unstoppable. "She can't control her temper no matter what she encounters and causes scenes regardless of the occasion. She doesn't have the manners of a noble lady! She is far from being qualified as the heiress!"

"Dad, you..." Amelia stared at him in disbelief.

Standing beside Henry, Stella had a calm expression and a faint smile.

They truly looked like a loving father and filial daughter!

Amelia was filled with anger, disregarding everything and raising her hand to strike. Stella didn't even try to dodge.

However, before the slap could land, Henry firmly grabbed her wrist!


"Have you had enough of causing trouble?" Henry's anger soared.

"Dad, look clearly! This b*tch dares to provoke our father-daughter relationship right in front of me!"

"Amelia!" Henry scolded angrily, "Who are you calling a b*tch? Stella is your sister. How can you say such things about her? Do you still see me as your father?"


Amelia couldn't believe that this was the same father who had treated her like a precious gem and given her all the best things since she was little.

Henry was not like this in the past!

In the past, she was the only princess of the Taylor family...

Amelia bit her lip, her eyes slightly red. She glared at him in frustration. "Dad, why are you so biased towards her? Who is your biological daughter?"

"Do you think my eyesight has gone bad and I can't recognize my own daughter?" Henry coldly snorted. "Both of you are my daughters! If you dare to speak like that again, I will break your legs!"

Amelia took two steps back, trembling with anger.

Stella gave a cold smile. "Dad, don't be angry. Amelia didn't mean it, and she has always been like this towards me since we were young. I'm used to it."


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