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Married to a Secret Billionaire novel Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Will You Despise Me

Jericho stared at Zander, unable to utter a word.

"I will help my grandfather remove his doubts," Zander said, glancing at him. "Jericho, all you need to do is help me get rid of those people. You don't have to worry about the rest."

His sarcastic tone further convinced Jericho that he wanted to get rid of the old man as well.

Zander dismissed Liam and took out a land planning map, on which he marked an excellent location in the center of Emberfall.

"This place has a high flow of people and can be considered a prime zone." He chuckled. "After this is done, I will talk to the authorities and give the land to you. How does it sound?"

Jericho pursed his lips and remained silent.

"Jericho." Zander patted his shoulder. "You are an ambitious person, ruthless and cunning. I see that in you."

"This thing will benefit both of us. Consider it carefully!"

Jericho's finger touched the planning map. The land area was large, with immeasurable appreciation potential. It was not an exaggeration to say that every inch of land was valuable.

Noah's life was surely worth a lot.

Jericho chuckled and looked up at him. "Mr. Zander, may I ask where Noash is?"

"He's said to be in Mintwale," Zander replied, narrowing his eyes. "Or maybe it's Linton. After the plane crash, he sought refuge with his grandfather on his mother's side."

"How am I supposed to get rid of him then?"

"You'll have to find out by yourself," Zander smirked. "That's why I turned to you."

Jericho nodded, raised his glass, and tossed off the wine.

It seemed this guy didn't know that Noah was in Eldoria or that he was already married.


Jericho returned to Eldoria with an additional black suitcase in his luggage.

It was full of cash, neatly stacked into twenty piles. It was Zander's token of regard.

Jericho sneered and left it to his subordinates.

"Mr. Hart." One of them glanced around and whispered, "Killing Noah is an easy task for us. Should we go and do it now?"

Jericho's eyes dimmed, and he spoke slowly after a long silence, "Noah is the heir favored by Pater. He will likely succeed the Martinez Group someday."

"But Mr. Zander means to get rid of Pater as well."

"Heh, does he really think his grandfather is old?" Jericho lit a cigarette, took a deep breath, and exhaled slowly. "As the saying goes, age brings wisdom. No matter how old Pater is, he's still better than a callow youth."

"If we kill Noah and the matter is exposed, Zander will push all the blame onto me." Jericho sneered. "Moreover, given his character, he probably has hired someone else for the job too."

Jericho's subordinates were puzzled.

Jericho pondered for a moment and continued to mutter to himself, "But if I disclose this information to Noah and make him aware, there's a chance of making friends with him."

"Mr. Hart, what do you mean?"

"Take no action for now!" Jericho replied, stressing his tone.

He then took his coat and quickly disappeared into the streets.

He drove aimlessly in his car and finally stopped in an alley behind Purple Iris.

He was curious about what Noah was doing at that moment.

So, he quietly approached the courtyard. It was already past afternoon tea time, and through the floor-to-ceiling window, he saw that the shop was not busy.

Behind the counter, Stell was checking the account. She was very focused, balancing the ledger while using a calculator.

Sitting next to her, Noah occasionally fanned her, poured water for her, or massaged her shoulders.

Jericho was somewhat stunned.


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