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Married to a Secret Billionaire novel Chapter 120

Chapter 120 Regardless of My Past

Noah looked at the comments on the phone, a hint of gloom passing through his eyes.

A new store wouldn't attract so much attention. The only possibility was as Stella said. Someone was scheming behind the scenes.

These comments were clearly written by hired internet trolls, maliciously giving negative reviews.

Noah had also suspected Jericho, but that thought quickly flashed in his mind and was dismissed.

Based on Jericho's personality and status, he wouldn't resort to such low and indirect methods.

Besides, these tactics seemed more like petty squabbles between women. If Jericho really wanted to confront him, he could have declared war directly.

It didn't seem like the work of a competitor either. While there were indeed many cafes nearby, each had its own unique characteristics and a stable customer base. Everyone coexisted peacefully.

Therefore, the person hiring internet trolls to attack them was most likely targeting Stella.

The answer became clearer in Noah's mind, but when he saw the worried expression on his wife's face, he chuckled and took the blame upon himself.

"You're right in your analysis. I've offended many people in the past, and I don't know who is taking this opportunity to seek revenge."

His voice was slightly hoarse. "Honey, it's useless of me as a husband. I've caused you trouble again."

"What are you talking about?" Stella earnestly looked at him, gently rubbing his face with her hands.

She couldn't stand anyone saying her husband was useless, not even himself.

"My husband is the most capable man in the world. When problems arise, we find solutions instead of dwelling on them, right?"

"But my past might be a shadow that will follow us for our entire lives."

"So what?" Stella smiled. "Whether it's shadows or storms, I am your wife and will bear them with you. Since the day I married you, I've been prepared for this."


Noah's eyes flickered.

"Silly man, of course it's true!" Stella tiptoed and nuzzled his nose. "I can't separate you from your past and take just one part."

"You will always accept me, regardless of my past?"

"Of course! Why do you keep talking nonsense today?"

He gazed at her and suddenly laughed in relief.

The heavy burden in his heart seemed to lift slowly.

The sunset that day was exceptionally beautiful, with vibrant purple irises blooming in the courtyard and a sweet fragrance filling the air.

There were no customers in the store, but Noah was floating with joy.

Stella looked at him in confusion, unable to understand what was going on with this man.

"Darling, did you even listen to what I just said?"

Only then did Noah come back to his senses. "Hmm?"

Stella sighed, "I was saying that the solution I thought of is to spend some money to remove these negative reviews. As for how much money and what kind of person to hire, I'll have to inquire further."

"No need to inquire. Leave this matter to me."


Noah paused and explained in a low voice, "Well, this is what a man should do. Don't worry about it."

Stella chuckled and leaned against him like a small bird.

With him around, she felt completely secure.

Those few days had been tough for business, with the desserts in the display case growing moldy and remaining unsold.

Stella was afraid the coffee beans would get damp, so she had to take them out for airing every day. The aroma of coffee beans often wafted through the shop.

But even when she put up a buy-one-get-one-free sign, no one came to buy coffee.

Tourists passing by would point and whisper, quickly running away as if they had seen something dirty.


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