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Married to a Secret Billionaire novel Chapter 14

Chapter 14 The Matchmaker Doctor

Oliver slapped his thigh, only then realizing that he had caused big trouble.

"Caleb... you have to help me!" Oliver was at a loss. "I never thought about competing with Noah for a woman! Besides, Stella is too young to be my type! What's wrong with Noah? He actually likes her..."

Caleb took a sip of tea, revealing a meaningful smile.

Yes, he never knew that Mr. Noah Martinez, who was always aloof and ruthless and was never interested in women, would live as Liam here and even care about a girl like Stella so much.

"Didn't Noah say that he doesn't care about this marriage and that he only sees it as a hiding shell?"

"Do you believe what he said?" Caleb rolled his eyes at Oliver. "Just wait and see. I don't think Stella is simple. Ha, Noah might not even want to return to Emberfall in the future!"


After lunch, Liam said goodbye to Stella and left.

This village was not big. Before Stella married him, he often walked along the small path up the mountain. There were not many people there, and the air was fresh, making it especially suitable for solitude.

Liam often needed moments of tranquility to carefully plan for the future.

But today, he couldn't calm down. Amelia's insulting words on the phone kept echoing in his ears.

He took a deep breath, preparing to walk toward the mountaintop when he suddenly heard someone calling him from behind, "Hey, Liam!"

A young man waved his arm as he ran up from the lower path.

Liam was taken aback and furrowed his brows lightly.

"I felt like it was you down the mountain just now! I didn't expect you to walk so fast. I had to rush to catch up!"

"By the way, are your injuries healed already? Do you need me to get some medicine for you again?"

Liam nodded and said in a bland voice, "Thank you. The injuries are already healed. I couldn't recover without you at that time."

"We're friends. There's no need to be polite!"

The man patted Liam's shoulder, and the two of them walked toward the mountaintop together.

To be honest, Liam was grateful to him. His name was Aiden Johnson, and he had a rich family. He was one of the few wealthy people in the village.

Aiden was also the only college student in the village, graduating from medical school.


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