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Married to a Secret Billionaire novel Chapter 16

Chapter 16 This is My Woman

Both of them were momentarily stunned.

Liam signaled to Stella with his eyes, asking her to stay in the room while he went to open the door.

Aiden stood outside anxiously.

"Liam, I heard that you beat a few people..." Before he could finish his sentence, he saw the bloodstains on Liam's body and couldn't help but gasp. "My god, it's true!"

"They were just a few thugs." Liam said indifferently, "Besides, I didn't beat them too severely. They won't die."

"Not severe?" Aiden pulled him aside and whispered, "You ruptured their internal organs! We need to send them to the hospital in Eldoria now!"

Liam's brow twitched, but he was still expressionless.

They asked for it because they harassed Stella! It wouldn't be excessive even if they were beaten to death.

"Oh, and did you break the leg of one of them?" Aiden was becoming frantic. "Do you know who his father is..."

"What does it have to do with me?"

"Hey, they will definitely seek revenge on you!"

Liam took off his shirt, threw the bloodstained clothes aside, and took out clean clothes to change into.

He knew that those few people had a powerful background. They were the son of a village chief and the nephew of a town mayor. They relied on their family's influence to act recklessly in the villages.

He had wanted to deal with this group of people a long time ago.

"Listen, why don't you leave with your wife and find a place to hide?" Aiden suggested, "Those people are not easy to deal with. A wise man doesn't fight when the odds are against him. Don't confront them head-on!"

Liam found him annoying.

Just as he was about to refuse, he caught a glimpse of Stella standing at the bedroom door.

"I don't think... we need to hide," she whispered.

Liam was stunned and then asked her with great interest, "Why?"

"It's not our fault." Her eyes were firm. "Those few people openly harassed me. They were the ones who made the mistake first. We were just defending ourselves!"

Liam looked at her admiringly. He didn't expect her to appear gentle and weak on the surface, but deep down, she was independent, strong, and brave.

He smiled.

"I know it's not your fault!" Aiden said helplessly, "But their families have power and influence..."

"I don't care about their so-called power and influence." Stella smiled lightly. "Besides, even if they have power and influence, they can't act unreasonably, right?"


"Yeah, my wife is right." Liam stood beside her. "This is what my woman should be like."

Stella blushed slightly and lowered her head.

Aiden sighed. "You two..."

"Alright, thank you for your concern." Liam patted his shoulder. "Do you want to stay and have a meal with us?"

Aiden quickly waved his hand and said goodbye to them.

Although Liam wasn't afraid of those people causing trouble again, he considered moving out of this village.

Today, when he fought with those thugs, they must have realized that he wasn't the same Liam as before. He might get into trouble here, and his identity might be exposed one day.

So it was best to leave as soon as possible.


A few days later, Stella moved to Eldoria with Liam.

When Liam discussed moving with her, she had some doubts. But his reason was that there were more development opportunities in Eldoria, and it would be easier to get a job, so she didn't say much.


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