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Married to a Secret Billionaire novel Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Itchy and Desolate

Oliver's heart hung in his throat.

Even through the phone, he could feel the murderous aura emanating from Liam.

Did he cook Liam's goose?

Oliver checked his watch and slapped himself hard in the head. Damn it! If he was interrupted while he was having fun, he would also want to tear that person into pieces!

"Noah..." He explained with a flattering smile, "If it wasn't for an emergency, I wouldn't call at this time. I thought you didn't go to bed so early..."

"Get to the point!"

Liam growled angrily. He turned around, walked to the balcony, and closed the sliding door behind him with a clatter.

"I'm afraid you have to go back to Emberfall," Oliver lowered his voice, "Now the news that you are not dead has spread, Sir Martinez is very agitated, and uncle and aunt are..."

"Okay, I know," Liam frowned, "I will contact them privately, but I won't return to Emberfall so soon."

Oliver did not understand the situation, so he could only say "oh".

"By the way, Noah, I've checked today. The client who Stella visited today for business was the one Ava hadn't gotten after following up for three months! Heh... I used a little trick and Stella succeeded in getting the order. The commission for this order is quite a lot. She can get fourteen thousand dollars..."

Liam was so angry that he hung up before Oliver could finish his babbling.

Oliver was confused again. He poured a glass of wine for Caleb who was beside him, and asked fearfully, "What did I say wrong again?"

Caleb could not help laughing.

"You ruined his plan, what kind of attitude can he have towards you?"

Oliver was extremely remorseful and kept slapping his mouth.

"And why do you have to babble about Stella getting the order?"

"This..." Oliver's eyes widened, "Did I flatter in the wrong way again?"

Caleb rolled his eyes at him, "Ava hadn't gotten the order after following up with the client for three months, but Stella, a newcomer, got the order. There are a lot of people and gossips in the company. What do you think they will talk about her?"

Oliver fell silent.

"Besides, I have read Stella's sales plan," Caleb sighed softly, "It was like something out of a textbook. Even if you didn't say anything, Mr. Davis would have signed it too!"

"So, it was not your credit that Stella got the order, understand?"

Oliver's face contorted. He felt like crying but the tears would not come.

"Think a little more when you talk and act in the future!" Caleb patted him on the shoulder, "Sigh, I should have studied medicine back then, so that I could treat your brain!"

Liam leaned on the balcony railing. His deep eyes seemed to be in harmony with the night sky, revealing no emotion.

The wind blew with a hint of coolness, and he became more awake. After a while, he turned and returned to the room. Stella was no longer in the bedroom. He looked around and heard light noises from the washing machine in the bathroom.


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