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Married to a Secret Billionaire novel Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Without the Wedding Ring 

Stella froze and looked at Annie in confusion. 

With a sigh, Annie whispered, "Let me tell you the truth. Rumors have been circulating throughout the company about your marriage to a former convict…" 

"They're also saying that the person who fought with Daniel yesterday was your husband! Everyone is describing it vividly, alleging that your husband engages in daily fights and brawls, having served multiple lengthy sentences and only recently being released." 

Stella was left speechless for a moment, unable to articulate her mixed emotions of amusement and tears. 

Observing her silence, Annie grew even more astounded. "Stella, did you actually get married? Is your husband truly like that?" 

"Yes, I did get married," Stella admitted honestly. "And it's true that my husband doesn't come from a respectable background." 

Annie took a step back, looking at her incredulously. 

"But he treats me very well." Stella's voice was gentle, and each word carried weight. 

"I didn't mention my marriage at first, not because I wanted to hide it from all of you. There was no need to hide it either. It's just that none of you ever asked, and the company doesn't have any rules stating that married individuals can't be employed, right?" 

Annie frowned. "That's true, but-" 

"Anyway, my husband is a good person," Stella stated calmly. "Perhaps he used to get into fights and end up in prison before, but since we got married, he hasn't engaged in any of those activities again. The past is behind us, and together we are moving forward into the present and future hand in hand." 

Annie smiled at her, acknowledging her courage. If she were in Stella's shoes, she might not have possessed the same level of bravery. 

"To be honest, you have my admiration." Annie held Stella's hand and suddenly noticed that nothing was adorning Stella's fingers. 

"But why don't you wear a wedding ring now that you're married? Not having anything on your hand can lead to misunderstandings!" 

Stella was originally confused and then glanced down at her hand. When she married Liam, it was a hastily arranged affair, and she did not have the extra funds to purchase wedding rings. Furthermore, there was no formal exchange of rings. They simply haphazardly tied the knot, and the idea of wearing rings did not receive much consideration back then. 

However, she suddenly remembered the ring he had given her in the sandalwood box. 

Lost in her thoughts, she was suddenly interrupted by a sharp voice. "Her husband spent half his life in prison. How could he possibly afford to buy her a ring!" 

Stella turned her head abruptly, spotting Ava approaching with a piercing gaze and a group of people in tow. 


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