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Married to a Secret Billionaire novel Chapter 39

Chapter 39 The Tonic Soup

Stella had a severe stomachache and took a day off from work.

However, she was unable to rest well at home. She woke up in the morning and smelled the strange smell of herbs coming from the kitchen.

Stella forced herself out of bed. She walked to the kitchen door and saw that Liam was busy inside.

The breakfast Liam had prepared for her was on the table. There were burnt eggs, burnt toast, and a bowl of cereal with only a little cereal.

It was challenging for a man who had never been in a kitchen.

Stella smiled wryly. She leaned against the kitchen door frame and said softly to him, "You don't know how to do it, so let me do it."

Liam was startled, and turned to look at her, "Are you awake? Aren't you feeling sick? Go back to your room and lie down after breakfast. I'll take care of these things."

"What else are you busy with?"

"Oh... I'm stewing soup for you." Liam was a little hectic, "Go and rest, I'll bring the soup in for you when it's ready!"

Stella pursed her lips, her heart felt a little warm now, but then she suddenly remembered 'he was also so caring to his first love before'?

The sixteen-year-old boy was vigorous, and he must be full of enthusiasm...

Stella's smile froze when she thought of this, and it bothered her again. She was even more upset because of the pain in her lower abdomen from standing for so long.

Liam happened to look back at her at this time.

Stella glared at him twice. She turned her head and return to the room, then she closed the door.

Liam could not figure it out, he just thought that the woman who was on her period changed her face so quickly. Stella smiled at him at first, then became angry at him. It was really difficult to serve her!

Oliver sent a message asking him to go to the Luxury Hotel to discuss something. Liam turned off the fire and was just about to tell Stella when there was a knock on the door.

Mia stood outside the door. She heard that Stella was not feeling well, so she deliberately came to visit her while she was working outside.

"You are... Liam?" Mia was startled when the door opened.

This was the first time she saw Liam, and he was completely different from her imagination. She thought the man who fought and went to jail was more or less ruffian, or even worse.

However, Liam was tall and big. He was good-looking, and his angular face was resolute and stern. Liam also had a pair of distant eyes through which people could not see his emotions. The powerful aura exuding from him made Mia could not help but take two steps back involuntarily.

"Well, I am." Liam said in a low voice, "You're Mia?"

"Nice to meet you." Mia smiled lightly.

Liam turned sideways to let her in.


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